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Hoghead August 30th 2020 03:40

corner weights
71 Std Betle with a 2.0T Suby engine, Porsche 915 gearbox, 944 trailing arms and brakes, uni-ball rear, 996 front brakes, 996 17" wheels, 53 liter fuel tank, IFS
Radiator placement is still undecided, but thinking of an aluminium radiator in the front to get a bit of weight up there

I weigh 170 lbs

I am trying to calculate spring rates for the coil overs and need to know the corner weights

Stock Beetle is about 1900 lbs curb weight
WAG with my setup and my slowly increasing girth is 990 lbs front, and 1300 lbs rear
Sound reasonable?

DORIGTT August 30th 2020 17:00

Hey Hoghead,
What's meant by the "IFS radiator placement" statement?

Hoghead August 30th 2020 22:23


Originally Posted by DORIGTT (Post 92358)
Hey Hoghead,
What's meant by the "IFS radiator placement" statement?

Grammar error
.....IFS. Radiator placement.........
I have not yet decided where to place the radiator for the Suby engine and thinking to put it up front for airflow and weight balance

An Imhor IFS and it just arrived this week from Brazil to Thailand, and I am questioning if the 350 lb coil over springs supplied by Imhor are right for my application.
Already binned the Imohr shocks, in favour of some QA1 ones I had for another project, and now need to decide on spring rate.
The Imhor has 3 locations for the bottom spring mount so there is some spring rate adjustability by varying the lever ratio

Weight of a standard Beetle, and type 1 engine with box are known; as it the weight of the Suby engine, 915 box, and 944 trailing arms. The weight of the other build variables can be estimated.

Weight bias of a standard Beetle is about 43% front and 57% rear
What is the weight bias with a Suby/Porker transplant?
What if the front axle weight with the transplant?

Steve C August 31st 2020 05:07

I will dig out my corner weight numbers

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