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dirk.Gysbrechts December 23rd 2004 15:04

Questions about dirk.Gysbrechtss ride
Click here for more information on this ride.

kleinporsche December 13th 2005 16:40

What types of heads and camshaft do you use? I want a compression ratio of 9.8:1 is it possible with this setup? What are you hp figures?

Thanks, verrrry nice ride you've got.

dirk.Gysbrechts December 15th 2005 05:42

dirk.gysbrechts ride
Heads are 041 with 40mm inlet and 32 mm outlet ( is too small) better is with 40mm and 35 mm. Camshaft is 316 from BAS Ahnendorp germany.

vujade December 15th 2005 09:37

really sweet car :)

dirk.Gysbrechts December 15th 2005 11:44

my ride
I have planned an update...because meanwhile i have a type 4 engine, Remmele suspension,Kerscher brakes and 18" Tech Art rimms...

dirk.Gysbrechts January 22nd 2006 03:49

I have changed the pictures und updated the technical information.

Racelook January 22nd 2006 14:25

Nice black rims!!

dirk.Gysbrechts July 16th 2006 06:29

I have updated the pictures,with some pictures taken last weekend on the circuitday.

kra710 October 22nd 2006 17:56

muffler cutting
Did you modify the boxter muffler? It looks like you cut the muffler itself, did you remove the baffles. I installed the same muffler on my 2.0L. on a Transporter, I am asking because of exhaust restriction and if the muffler is hindering performance at all.

dirk.Gysbrechts October 23rd 2006 12:08

Hello, i have shortened the exhaust on each side for 10 cm. I don't have made changes to the inside of the Muffler.

dirk.Gysbrechts January 28th 2007 13:23

some new pics :

dirk.Gysbrechts January 28th 2007 13:25

and some more :

zeroaxe January 28th 2007 16:06

Ooooh errrr missus! I am feeling this car :agree:

beetlebum2 January 30th 2007 14:53

absolutly beautiful

crackin ride mate

chug_A_bug January 30th 2007 16:01

LOVE IT NEED more pics inside and out ;)

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