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offroad March 22nd 2017 13:27

1303 2 bolt strut length.
I'm at -2" ATM on a std 2 bolt front strut. I need new spring seats/cases. Not after a competition spec set up as it's only a brisk road car. I was going to get the new cases from vw heritage but they are for -3" and I'm really not interested in going that low. Will std length struts and inserts be right or wil I need some odd ball set up for -2". I've read about golf 1 and 944 cases being used but I've also read.conflicting info which makes me weary to buy used cases. Thanks in advance. Lee.

offroad March 27th 2017 17:48

Anyone using the Koni fixed platform struts from larkspeed ?

Steve C March 29th 2017 21:41


Just get some with skinny springs and adjustable bases so that you can get the ride height that you want


petevw April 13th 2017 06:10


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 90623)

Just get some with skinny springs and adjustable bases so that you can get the ride height that you want


Planning to do same with my 3bolt struts.

Do you have a sizes handy? ill need to pull my adjust-a-struts to measure the housing diameters.

H2OSB April 13th 2017 17:55

The most common coil over kit size in the States is 2.5 inches. Many sleeve kits available and many spring options. You can often find springs on the Summit Racing web site for as little as $39 each. Years ago I built struts for my 1303 using MK1 GTI strut housings with a Ground Control coil over kit.

More recently, for my son's 1303, I bought a pair of VW Caddy coil overs from Ebay. They're TUV approved and very well made. I simply swapped out the springs and inserts for an instant 2.5 drop on his car (unfortunately, the max height is limited by the full extension of the inserts, so you can never be higher that 2.5 inches shorter than stock height (or lower)...if that makes sense. In other words, you cannot go back to stock height. As an additional bonus, the top hole of the struts is slotted for camber adjustment.

Though the suspension could be lowered more based upon the range of adjustment of the struts, it's not practical and things will begin hitting. We did the small spring struts mainly to gain wheels clearance. Neither will ever be lowered more than 2.5 inches.

Unfortunately, I don't know any tricks for the early suspension.


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