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vw1303 February 12th 2013 17:20

Tubular Front Control arms for Superbeetle
Finally finished my tubular front control arms for my Superbeetle(1303).
This version allows for 25mm roll centre correction. Made in Chromoly.
Length is adjustable from 0-+50mm wider than stock.
3/4" Chromoly Heim joints at both ends.

Would anyone be interested in a set?

Bug@5speed(US) February 12th 2013 19:11


Very nice, to be honest I had missed the chromoly bit for the ball joint until today.

Is it just bolted into the rose joint, I.e. threaded from below.

Can u snap or provide more info on ur top mounts for ur struts?

Tim February 13th 2013 10:00

Hi vw1303,

I am interested in a set as I am restoring/modifying my 1303. I have the 944NA spindles and Golf Mk1 coilover struts. Does the ball joint extender fit the 944 spindle?


vw1303 February 13th 2013 12:19

I'm also running 944 front knuckles. These "ball joint extenders" are 17mm so they will fit your 944 knuckles. I can make them with the standard 15mm as well.
Also you can specificy how much roll centre correction you would like. I tried 50mm but it didn't clear my 15" wheels. Also it seems like some guys are shortening there control arms to help clear big wheels. The overall length of these arms can also be specified in shorter or longer than stock. Another thing is that these arms are 100% bolt on. No modifications necassary.

owdlvr February 13th 2013 13:44

I'd be interested in a set. Would even bring your springs back! ;)


cookvw February 14th 2013 00:49

id LOVE a set. how soon can you make them and how much $$?

graham February 14th 2013 01:57

Tubular Front Control arms for Superbeetle
I am interested in a set as well price please inc shipping to the UK

vw1303 February 14th 2013 14:17

Price will be approx. $500CAD. These are made to order: overall length, roll centre correction, and ball joint size can all be specified by the customer. No need to order special ball joints from Germany to run 944 knuckles. This may seem expensive but only slighty more expensive than "new" OEM control arms with bushings and ball joints. These control arms can solve the problem of too much positive camber when running Porsche 944 knuckles.

Please email for any more info.


Tim February 15th 2013 05:47


Any on car pictures?


vw1303 February 15th 2013 13:21

Here is a picture installed on the car.

panic February 15th 2013 16:45

Very nice! If I had the dough I would order a set!

Tim February 16th 2013 05:53

Awesome. I have sent you an email.


Humble February 27th 2013 16:10

You have some more mail sir :)

SuperRSi March 2nd 2013 23:10

Oops sent you a PM and then saw your email...

Wally March 7th 2013 17:05

Is there a weight advantage?

It would have been extra nice if the ball joint extention would have been excentric so you could dial in extra caster...?

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