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dave forder January 15th 2011 17:21

Thanks Dan for posting the pics. Will get some more on when the Wife can be bothered!

To bring everyone up to date the engine will be Type 1 Air Cooled and Water Cooled (water jackets over the heads) so I can run decent boost without it getting too hot. 2332 turbo autocraft case, superflow heads, big holset turbo, charge cooled. Should be good for over 400 hp. The car is built to go up the quarter mile pretty quick and to be rapid round the twisty bits. Will get some more pictures on soon to get you all going.

PS. Dan your car is looking great. I also like Wally's 1303 (reminds me of my old supercharged German look 1303 from back in 2003.

Anyone heard from John Maher lately as I cannot get hold of him by phone or email. Has he gone to the Moon??

Wally January 15th 2011 18:00

Welcome Dave and thanks for the comment on my car. Reversely, your car was the one really catching my eye when I saw it back when I saw pics of it in Volksworld!

Maher is still in the very high noth of Scotland, not sure if thats 'to the Moon' but I am sure some will even agree haha! On a serious note, I hope he's ok.

strokeit January 16th 2011 05:35

Hi Dave.
Glad to see your finaly on here, good old Andrea:lmao:, here are some more pics of your bug, b.t.w. I spoke to John a few weeks ago hes dyno testing one of our Vintagespeed mufflers, i'll mail him this week.

DORIGTT January 17th 2011 01:22

What suspension components are being used?

bushoarder January 17th 2011 17:11

Wow, hope my beast will look even a tenth as good as yours Dave! I remember your 03 inspiring me when i first saw it - loved it!! The red colour is ace there, really suits the bug and i'm sure it'll look superb.
I saw the chassis last year and took loads of pics of it, looking forward to see your bug there.

jmd January 26th 2011 20:18

Would you be so kind as to reach out about your suspension (Front and Rear) offerings? I don't want to hi-jack the thread but I am sure there are more than a few people interested and if you are stateside even more so as we can't seem to find a proven setup over here... I am about to purchase the entire setup and would much rather just do it right the first time rather than kyb / bilstein it and then have to re-invest in the proper coil-over setup.

thanks in advance...

amazing build.

dave forder October 3rd 2011 16:34

Dave Forder's Bug Update
5 Attachment(s)
Still waiting for the turbo engine from John Maher. Apart from that all ready to go.

aircool October 3rd 2011 16:42

That looks wicked, finished at the next Volksworld show then?;)

owdlvr October 3rd 2011 16:43

Looks fantastic...but yes, more info on the suspension specs please!


Wally October 3rd 2011 17:03

Would you like to join us for Spa 2012 Dave?

dave forder October 3rd 2011 17:20

My aim is to debut the car, fully finished, at the Volkswold Show.

The suspension setup is Porsche rear arms. Unibal setup (I believe to be an American setup that Marco Mansi sourced years ago when the project began). IRS adjuster bolts. AVO fully adjustable coilovers. Front end AVO adjustable coilovers. The beam has been modified to accept special bearings that allow the arms to move independantly a mod by Marco. The top arms have been modified to pull the top of the wheel in to give negative camber. (Trying to be like you 1303 Boys!).

There is a few other tricks in the chassis regarding bracing of the gearbox and frame horns and also the strenghtening of the front beam. All credit for the superb finish of the chassis goes to Mark at Flatlands.

Yes, I am up for Spa 2012.

dub_crazee October 3rd 2011 17:22

looks spot on dave.....but then it looked great at volksworld! will it be there again next year?

dub_crazee October 3rd 2011 17:22

well looks like you posted the same time as me and answered my question lol

72marinablue October 4th 2011 15:55

Is there any way you could post some pictures of the modifications to the top arms of the front suspension?

Rule09 January 3rd 2012 15:59

Looks fast! Perfect finishing!

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