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ricola March 27th 2010 15:49

Dave Forder's new GL bug
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Saw his new chassis at the volksworld show today. It is the ex John Maher project that he has had Mark Dryden from flatlands engineering redo. Seems like a pretty decent spec...

Enjoy the pics!

ricola March 27th 2010 15:50

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few more pics...

NO_H2O March 27th 2010 17:33

Very nice.

bow March 27th 2010 20:26

nice but im not a fan of the shifter up that high looks outta place

cookvw March 28th 2010 00:21

i kinda like the shifter placement. you can keep your center of gravity lower with your seat position being lower, and the shifter will be right in arms reach.

ricola March 28th 2010 05:15

The really strange thing was that whoever put it together has put a single circuit brake master cylinder in and even got the brake and clutch cylinders on the wrong way round (ie left pedal is brake!)

dave18 March 28th 2010 08:11

Is it Legal to have you pedals round the wrong way ????

Whats that bar justinfront of the rear ARB, looks like its attached to the torsion tube, i noticed he is using Heim joints as well :cool::cool:

Sandeep March 28th 2010 09:11

Thanks for the pics, really nice chassis.


Humble March 28th 2010 13:55

He's definitely off to a good start, is there any other build information out there?

ricola March 28th 2010 15:01

That bar is the front trans mount. I'm sure (hope anyway!) that the m/c thing was a silly mistake... No other build info other than the fact it will be a Remmele inspired car with a 2332 turbo engine... The shifter is a Hargett aftermarket Porsche one for the 915.

Clatter April 3rd 2010 02:34

Pretty sweet the set of diagonals running to the ends of the horns from under the torsion tube.
Like another set of 'kafer bars' underneath.

Gotta dig the mounting of that 915.
Middle of the trans with that plate,
and at the nose, too, right?
That's what that smaller tube running under the torsion tube is for?

Might be the most stoutly rubber mounted transaxle i've ever seen.
Without using the body as an anchor point.
Anybody else get the hump from seeing engine mounts that tie into the body sheetmetal?
I know it works, but...

marco the T.S.E April 5th 2010 07:27

90% of the engineering for this pan is my work!!, i did this 5 years ago! and was never ment to be a show car!!!!! it was designed to be a daily drive that could beat an M3 on the street. there are some nice tricks in the front beam and rear suspention ;)
Marco Mansi.... MMP

ricola April 5th 2010 08:54

Hey Marco, who did you do the work for? Got a new project you can share? I remember the project you told me about at volksworld a couple of years ago...

Wally April 5th 2010 11:25

Very nice indeed!
I really dig the additional self-made trans mount in the middle.
Thanks for posting Rich!

marco the T.S.E April 5th 2010 13:42

i did the work for dave forder 5years ago, ts was no way to the show standard it is today, thats all marks work, hes very very good at the detailing, he made the mid mount for the gearbox, but for me its not needed, the front mount was made to handle all the power while still rubber mounted, to soften the vibration throu the pan, The bars that go under the irs arms from the end of the frame forks to the torsion tube, realy helps with a heavy engine when cornering!, the engine in my car with the 8in tarmac rally slicks on would corner almost 1g and the engine would move 1cm in that direction, these elimanated the problem., the front beam has my special barrings in that allows them to be compleatly independent with no horizontal movement and no wear!!!! (unlike the red9design).
if you have any Q i will be happy to answer them :)

marco mansi....MMP

Turbonutta April 5th 2010 21:06

Hi folks,

I remember seing this at volksworld years ago, it had a turbo mounted the gearbox on a phat ally plate!.if it is the same one i think mr maher had it on his stand..
that pan is looking good.. reminds me of doing mine...shame they dont stay shiny after abuse or santa pod mud...!
Mr mansi, riccola how are you both long time no see..
Tell me/us more about the bearings (as a red9 rider:( )


dub_crazee April 6th 2010 15:38

any pics of how the clutch slave cylinder is mounted? looks like its hung off the gearbox istelf? ive seen it done in a couple of different ways - and im considering which way would best suit my aplication.

great chassis btw - any sneak previews of the body?

jmd April 6th 2010 22:02

Can you talk about the suspension itself? They look like nice coilovers. Great work, and do you have additional views of those frame horns bars?

thanks for speaking up!

ricola April 7th 2010 05:26

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Originally Posted by dub_crazee (Post 75236)
any pics of how the clutch slave cylinder is mounted? looks like its hung off the gearbox istelf? ive seen it done in a couple of different ways - and im considering which way would best suit my aplication.

great chassis btw - any sneak previews of the body?

Here's a zoomed in pic of the slave, I didn't get any other pics of the underside... You definitely need it all mounted to the trans or you will get clutch judder when the trans twists relative to the body...

I remember the original JMR plan was to use a brand new Mexican body, not sure if the whole project was sold or just the chassis?

marco the T.S.E April 7th 2010 07:12

i have some pics of the car 5 years ago, when i was mating the pan with the wheels to the body and wings, and making sure everything would fit and not rub, the body is a mexican bug it was all of JM old car that has been compleatly updated!! just waiting for the 500hp :D motor to come from John now!!!
i will be opening my web site soon with all my exclusive parts for sale including my front suspention set up, irs adjusters ect,ect

marco mansi......M.M.Performance

aircool April 7th 2010 08:06

If the rest of this car is as good as the chassis it will be out of this world! I saw this at Volksworld too and was really impressed:shocked:. Look forward to seeing the finished article.

Matt Keanes car was awsome too (cant believe it didnt win best of show) and I believe you had a hand in that too Marco!:cool:

Sandeep April 7th 2010 11:01


Originally Posted by marco the T.S.E (Post 75242)
i will be opening my web site soon with all my exclusive parts for sale including my front suspention set up, irs adjusters ect,ect

marco mansi......M.M.Performance

Looking forward to seeing what you have available Marco ... sorry for the off topic.


dub_crazee April 7th 2010 13:33

thanks for the zoomed in pic ricola - marco would you be able to comfirm how you attached the slave cylinder at the clutch arm end?

ricola good point about about mounting it to the trans rather than the framehorns

petevw April 7th 2010 21:53


Originally Posted by Sandeep (Post 75245)
Looking forward to seeing what you have available Marco ... sorry for the off topic.


Me too.

Nice seeing you here again Marco!

Good work on the pan. :goodjob:


moonska October 18th 2010 13:52

Very nice :D
Does anybody know what make the rear Uni-ball and coilover kit is?

strokeit January 13th 2011 17:44

Hi Folks.
Just thought I would post up some pics of Daves progress, plans are to get it back to this years Volksworld show, not completed but well worth a look.

MX67 January 14th 2011 12:50

Wow, this looks cool :)

volkdent January 14th 2011 13:19

That's so weird, it's like deja vu when I look at the cuts he's made to the body, I even have the rear air intake area opened up almost identically. Of course you can eat of his and you might get a little dirty trying on mine! What is planned for the engine? That's a lot of space for 'something'.....


Wally January 14th 2011 14:36

Very cool indeed! Those wheels are HOT!

You plan on displaying the car at Volksworld Dave?
edit: oeps, that would be a deff. yes then ;-)

dub_crazee January 14th 2011 16:00

some really nice details on this car! mexico side trays and tabs in the door shuts are cool.

is it goin to be a water pumper?

lookin forward to seein it at volksworld - think this will get more interest than mine lol

dave forder January 15th 2011 17:21

Thanks Dan for posting the pics. Will get some more on when the Wife can be bothered!

To bring everyone up to date the engine will be Type 1 Air Cooled and Water Cooled (water jackets over the heads) so I can run decent boost without it getting too hot. 2332 turbo autocraft case, superflow heads, big holset turbo, charge cooled. Should be good for over 400 hp. The car is built to go up the quarter mile pretty quick and to be rapid round the twisty bits. Will get some more pictures on soon to get you all going.

PS. Dan your car is looking great. I also like Wally's 1303 (reminds me of my old supercharged German look 1303 from back in 2003.

Anyone heard from John Maher lately as I cannot get hold of him by phone or email. Has he gone to the Moon??

Wally January 15th 2011 18:00

Welcome Dave and thanks for the comment on my car. Reversely, your car was the one really catching my eye when I saw it back when I saw pics of it in Volksworld!

Maher is still in the very high noth of Scotland, not sure if thats 'to the Moon' but I am sure some will even agree haha! On a serious note, I hope he's ok.

strokeit January 16th 2011 05:35

Hi Dave.
Glad to see your finaly on here, good old Andrea:lmao:, here are some more pics of your bug, b.t.w. I spoke to John a few weeks ago hes dyno testing one of our Vintagespeed mufflers, i'll mail him this week.

DORIGTT January 17th 2011 01:22

What suspension components are being used?

bushoarder January 17th 2011 17:11

Wow, hope my beast will look even a tenth as good as yours Dave! I remember your 03 inspiring me when i first saw it - loved it!! The red colour is ace there, really suits the bug and i'm sure it'll look superb.
I saw the chassis last year and took loads of pics of it, looking forward to see your bug there.

jmd January 26th 2011 20:18

Would you be so kind as to reach out about your suspension (Front and Rear) offerings? I don't want to hi-jack the thread but I am sure there are more than a few people interested and if you are stateside even more so as we can't seem to find a proven setup over here... I am about to purchase the entire setup and would much rather just do it right the first time rather than kyb / bilstein it and then have to re-invest in the proper coil-over setup.

thanks in advance...

amazing build.

dave forder October 3rd 2011 16:34

Dave Forder's Bug Update
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Still waiting for the turbo engine from John Maher. Apart from that all ready to go.

aircool October 3rd 2011 16:42

That looks wicked, finished at the next Volksworld show then?;)

owdlvr October 3rd 2011 16:43

Looks fantastic...but yes, more info on the suspension specs please!


Wally October 3rd 2011 17:03

Would you like to join us for Spa 2012 Dave?

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