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V73W November 11th 2009 23:57

Where have I been?!....
.... apparently under a rock I had no idea that germanlook was back up and going. I am super stoked, this makes me wanna get out there and start rippin my car apart again. With work and just general life I had just not even checked up on the forum. Again I'm excited to see the best VW forum back up and running, now surely somebody has something wicked and new to show since we been down.

NO_H2O November 12th 2009 00:15

Glad to see you back. Look around. Many people have been working on their projects.

charliemex January 11th 2015 07:40

Where have I been
Dear Moderator, I have posted "Where They Were and Where They Gone" in Halat-e-Hazra Section. Now this thread has been moved to somewhere but I am unable to open it, please help me

pearlofMN April 3rd 2015 07:41

Where have I been
bobs balls have been a staple across the scene... the theme was just a bonus IMO.

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