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rioprelude September 6th 2014 00:07

My 66 chop top build
Hi everyone. I've had a 66 beetle with a chopped top for the last 10 years, and recently started working on it again. Here is a summary of the build:

Purchased a rolling shell on ebay:

Stripped it down and worked on the body:

New IRS chassis with a Porsche 901:

Body shop finished and painted:

2165cc Type 4 w/ DTM shroud:

944 Turbo Brakes w/parts from Vdub Engineering + Boxster wheels:

New Beetle Turbo S. front/rear seats:

rioprelude September 6th 2014 00:14

Front Seats:

Headliner install (Dakota Digital gauges visible):

Fast forward to 2013, and I decided that I really wanted normal door handles (no door poppers), so I ended up replacing the door skins:

I also decided that I wanted a real glass rear window, so I cut out the chopped square rear window section, and cut down an oval rear clip to fit. Final install still needed, got distracted by other things:

rioprelude September 6th 2014 00:21

Most recently, I decided to install the new front/rear suspension from Mendeola, and the matching Wilwood brake kits:

New IRS chassis:

New Pans + Initial install:

Brake kits:

Rear Installed:

Front Installed:

Rolling Chassis. Excuse the poor alignment. I wanted to see it on the ground, and plan to powder coat or epoxy paint the chassis again, so it's not the final assembly.

Body back on:

rioprelude September 6th 2014 00:28

Purchased a 2.7L (78x105) Type 4 engine from GetBackOnTrack (, with Duetz cylinders, Webcam 86c, AMC heads 46x38, and a horizontal 911 cooling system:

Rebuilt Dellorto DRLA 48 carbs from Blackline Racing:

Storing it in the crate for now, until I get the car ready for it. I sold the 901 transmission, and currently have a Bus 002, with a Berg intermediate housing, and mounts. Not 100% on the transmission choice yet..

rioprelude September 6th 2014 00:50

Previously purchased Creative Car Craft 2.5" wider front fenders, 3" wider Super Beetle rear fenders (for the tail lights), matching running boards, and a front hood. Initial install, with two bolts each:

Looks like I almost have too much room now, with the narrow track of the Mendeola components. I guess I could lower it further, increase the tire size, or look at taller/wider porsche wheels...

The red fender in the picture, is a rusty 63 convertible shell that I picked up today. It was super cheap, but needs a pretty good amount of metal work and parts. Probably another 10 year project, but who knows, maybe I can keep it stock this time.

That's it for now..

volkdent September 22nd 2014 08:38

Nice work, not likely it will stay stock!


Wally September 23rd 2014 05:09

Nice purchase on the engine! That much high tech almost screams EFI...

I would go smaller on the fenders, not bigger (=heavier) on the wheels. Seems counterproductive wrt the nice suspension components otherwise.
You have a subtle chop, subtle (stock looking) fenders would suit that well imo.

Birdman69 September 24th 2014 09:11

That's a very nice car mate!
You got lucky with a very good looking chop.

rioprelude September 26th 2014 10:57

Thanks Birdman.

Agree with you Wally, but also like the wider fenders, so I thought about similar wheels with more positive offset (?) to reduce the gap between the fender/wheel. If they don't exist, I'll just get smaller fenders as you suggested.

I'm not sure about EFI yet, due to the added cost/complexity, but will run two fuel lines in the tunnel, so that I can convert in the future.

rioprelude April 10th 2015 14:56

Minor update. In the process of selling my 002 Bus transmission setup, and purchased a low mileage Porsche G50/01 and a 915 front mount:

My type 4 engine has a 215mm 914 flywheel/clutch, but it appears to be too deep for the G50 at first glance.

Next steps are to see if KEP offers a complete flywheel/clutch solution, or if I need to follow Walley's lead. Also looking for the factory G50 workshop manuals, so that I tear it down to get the bell housing shortened.

NO_H2O April 10th 2015 18:31

Nice trans!

Wally April 11th 2015 03:26

I just replied your PM Rioprelude (are you Alexander?), I don;t have a copy (anymore), but could Ricola not help as he had one he wrote in my topic?
iirc I disassembled it without manual ;-)

The 215mm 914 combo will not ever work as you need a clutch plate with G50/Mendeola spline. KEP makes 228mm (=9") Mendeola clutch you can use, but you need to swith flywheels then (as I did).
IIRC, no 215mm clutch plates (not even from Kennedy) are being made with G50/Mendy spline...

rioprelude April 12th 2015 01:17

Ricola had the Bentley manual, but it only covers the 915 transmission. He is looking for the factory manual that covers the G50. I can probaby find it on pelican parts, but good to know you didn't need it.

I did find a 215mm g50 spline clutch but it was a 4/6 puck that wouldn't work on the street, so I will look into the 228mm setup. I was hoping to avoid machining the starter area if possible. Was this required due to the vw flywheel/vw ring gear depth being too short? Didn't know if a hybrid or porsche flywheel would solve that issue.



rioprelude July 1st 2015 20:46

Minor update: Ordered a custom type 4 flywheel from KEP that accepts a G50 pressure plate and ring gear. Added a KEP 930 clutch and pressure plate to fit the shortened bell housing.

wrenchnride247 July 1st 2015 22:04

That's very nice!!!!:cheers:

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