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H2OSB September 26th 2015 09:21


Originally Posted by proudbugowner (Post 89810)
Hi John! They have the same PCD with the 54mm sliding units? They also align with the stock 282mm rotor?

Thank you for your input!

Yes, they bolt straight on and align with the stock 944 rotors.

Your 944 calipers are actually 56mm. 56/36 front to rear might be fine for a heavy, front engine 944 but not so good for our light little rear engine Beetles.

proudbugowner September 26th 2015 23:13

Thanks for the advice! Right now I'm considering going 50:50 and use a proportioning valve to gradually increase the front bias. The only thing holding me back is the thought of that valve failing at some point letting me lock the rears and fly off... Don't know if I am being reasonable or just worry too much though... What do you think?

proudbugowner September 28th 2015 05:33


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 89811)

See if you can find some early Type 3 callipers, they use a bigger piston than Beetles and bolt straight on, you can identify them as they only have single bleed nipple. It might help with your bias.


This is very interesting, thank you! Will they fit the 20.4mm wide rotor or the halves need shimming?

Steve C September 28th 2015 16:28

They ft exactly the same as any Beetle calliper but have 42 rather than 40 mm pistons, they have twin pin pads like a 72 Beetle, they would need shimming to go that wide

proudbugowner September 28th 2015 18:57

Thanks Steve!

proudbugowner October 1st 2015 09:50

Are you aware of any caliper that can bolt to the rears with or without an adapter with a piston size of approximately 40mm-36mm (38 would be nice lol)?


proudbugowner October 1st 2015 14:04

So update the 944NA (76mm spacing) spindle is not compatible with the Typ3 nor with the beetle calipers....

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