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Jim Andritsakos October 22nd 2003 07:53

Porsche wheels dillema

I am in a big dillema about the wheels that I have to put in my 1957 GL : Porsche Dyno or Porsche 2000 996 C4 ???

996 C4

Sandeep October 22nd 2003 09:20

I voted 'Dyno'. Very unique looking wheel.


NYBugman1972 October 22nd 2003 09:22

Dyno's are oddball wheels. Go for it!

Panelfantastic October 22nd 2003 09:23

There is no wrong choice between the two. They are both different and seriously cool!
Maybe one set is a better deal than the other??

Racelook October 22nd 2003 17:18

I voted Dyno...

But the're both nice rims... chromed are by the way MUCH MUCH better

Greatings Wiebrand

dgluyas October 23rd 2003 07:49

Wheel options
What do they look like ? Can you post some pics??:confused:

Racelook October 23rd 2003 08:00

Just click on the names in the first post...


Jim Andritsakos December 10th 2017 18:01

I bought a pair new in the box Dyno 7 1/2 x 17 14 years ago !!!
Still stored , I try to get two more now but price is almost doubled since then !

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