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elroocky January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about elroockys ride

Sandeep December 7th 2002 14:16

VERY NICE engine you have !


vujade December 7th 2002 14:26

thats going to be one sweet ride :)

elroocky December 8th 2002 08:16

sweet ride
thanks guy's, but nothing is finished yet.. the engine has only 2 hours turn.. paint is not done, air box not fixed fan paint not done.. still a lot to do.. next job is to install the engine in the car and pass all the electric cable very propely( I dont want to see the cable every where), after that the engine goes down again and I need to prepare the fender, the fan the air box for paint and to put on the Brembo 4 and 6 pistons brake system on (actually it's 944 S on ) that's the next step..

see you soon for the next part of it..


Uber Affe March 3rd 2005 22:56

Where'd ya get that apron?
Did you make that rear apron? If so...can you make me one and how much would you charge? Also, if you biught it I'd like to know where I can get one...=) many questions.

Is it removable? I've been searching everywhere for some sort of logiccal tutorial on how to make it removable....JUST the apron...not the WHOLE rear end like on some cars....If not...then I really like the one you've got..I wouldn't even paint it...hehe....

thanks in advance for your time and your response.

Uber Affe

elroocky March 3rd 2005 23:08

you can buy these aprom at Remmele's shop for around 150 euro's ( 185 $) + shipping


Uber Affe March 4th 2005 15:29

Do you have their website address?
I did a few searches and couldn' find a thing to do w/ vw's.



elroocky March 4th 2005 19:52

no problem
no problem at all

here it is



Uber Affe March 4th 2005 22:59

Thanks for the link.
I think that their site is down or something...maybe redesigning it?
It's just one page w/ a phone # and an email link.
Am I supposed to e-mail them for a catalog or do they usually have a shop online?

elroocky March 5th 2005 10:56

site is not actif, just phone, they speak english


volkdent April 23rd 2005 19:35

Looks like its going to be great. What's the latest?


elroocky March 27th 2007 16:07

after more that two year's
well jason, not much I would say, no time for it, with house projet and work around world

Just installed fenders and ajusted wideness and ofset of rim's to fit with the arches and fenders..

SilverBullet April 3rd 2010 04:10

Hi elrooky, any updates on your conv. and pictures?

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