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maniac May 5th 2010 07:27

Carbon Fibre - Cfk dash panel ;-)
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Look what ive done...

100% cfk, customizable, with or without holes for 52mm gauges

more at

volkdent May 5th 2010 14:18

Very nice!!! Are you doing roof spoilers?


maniac May 5th 2010 15:50

no, sorry....
This time we are only doing some little goodies for interior
Like this dash panel

its a cover up for scratchy dash panel.

100% cfk, no ****ing veneer or film:D
100% accurately, with or without holes for 52mm Gauges

maniac May 26th 2010 03:51 more comments?
No Intrests?

any wishes?

best regards

Xellex May 26th 2010 04:23

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hi, great product! This just went to my "list of things to buy for my project".
Could you make one without the holes I hilighted in the picture?

maniac May 26th 2010 04:31

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Sure, no Problem.

looks like this ;-) of course without the holes for the 52mm instruments

maniac March 9th 2011 15:25

tadaaa....some news

More at the gallery at

maniac October 10th 2011 13:39


build in friends car..

Look at

maniac December 18th 2011 04:42

no interest?

where are your comments?

maniac January 5th 2012 12:02

Customer car in Press - vw-scene -

VW Scene 01/2012

Nice Pics :-)

Steve C January 6th 2012 07:12


They look great, do you do them in RHD?


maniac January 6th 2012 08:50

Never done RHD yet, cause i doesnt have a RHD 1303 on my side.
Is it only a mirrored version?

al_kaholik January 6th 2012 09:39

I'd be very skeptical about mirroring parts. I'm sure your prices are reasonable but there is a lot of hassle and cost if it doesn't fit

Steve C January 6th 2012 17:38


I think that they are mirrored, I have a friend with VW shop who does get the odd LHD car in so I should be able to compare them.


maniac January 7th 2012 05:27

if you could compare RHD<->LHD panel, this would be so fine....thanks

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