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KAFUR1 December 10th 2010 21:21

bug tech shifter
Just ordered mine ! Cant wait

petevw December 10th 2010 23:06

Cool, post some pics when you get it installed.

Btw, your old carbs are still running well!


KAFUR1 December 11th 2010 00:17

cool pete I will ! Glad to here about my old babies....

NO_H2O December 11th 2010 09:08

I got your order and deposit. Just waiting on the other 2 folks. One deposit is coming via snail mail. We should have you fixed up by the fist of the year at the latest with the Holiday shipping rush.

KAFUR1 December 11th 2010 12:43

Sweet thanks .

Bugged December 12th 2010 12:58

Can I ask why you chose the bugtech shifter over the bug@5speed? I'm about to get a shifter and was planning on getting the bug@5speed because it incorporates the shifter bushing.

KAFUR1 December 12th 2010 23:15

Well to be honest I have not seen the bug@5speed shifter you are speaking of! And I love the way the shifter looks & I went to the web site and saw that you can get in black THAT SOLD ME.

And to boot you can get it in two different height's too 11"&14'9" .

Bugged December 13th 2010 13:37

If you don't mind me asking, about how much did you pay?

KAFUR1 December 13th 2010 20:49

Look at the web site please .

Bugged December 13th 2010 22:55

I have been there, was just curious what it ends up being after the exchange rate and shipping.

NO_H2O December 14th 2010 05:04

I try to order 3 or more at a time and split the shipping across the pond between each shifter. I pay the duty then you pay your part of the Trans-Atlantic shipping and the shipping to your door. The price is based on the exchange rate when I pay for the shifters. I need a deposit of $200 to order for you. I have an order that I am ready to pull the trigger on now if you want in.

KAFUR1 January 28th 2011 22:47

Well my shifter is in the US and is being mailed monday ! yeeehooo I will post pic's soon! :rockon:

NO_H2O January 30th 2011 12:19

Yes. As soon as UPS runs on Monday, it will be on its way to you.

KAFUR1 January 30th 2011 21:45

Now if a can keep it hush hush around woman ! lol

KAFUR1 February 3rd 2011 01:39

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