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wrenchnride247 April 18th 2011 21:44

Bug-A-Paluza #13
B.A.P. #13 Was very different this year. The weather on Friday had 40mph winds and driving rain at about 50 deg. Then, Saturday was 20mph winds cloudy and 53deg. Finally, Sunday was 5mph winds sunny with 70deg. Never had such extreme weather changes like that before. Oh well, not many "GL" types around (mostly "resto" or "hood ride") Pete had his pair out for show and was having a great time (as always) Of course I love type 2's so I threw a few pix of those in too.
I don't who that guy is in this pic, but he needs a comb! LOL!

NO_H2O April 20th 2011 21:13

Had a good time even with the weather.
No comb needed. LOL

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