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volkdent February 28th 2014 11:28

Ricola's Spread!
Congrats Richard, a beautiful car needs to be seen AND driven!

VolksWorld Wallpaper

The Build


owdlvr February 28th 2014 14:31


Going to buy the issue right now on the iPad...gotta support fellow German Look'rs ;)


70Turbobug March 1st 2014 06:10

Nice!! Congrats Ricola and well deserved! Ive seen the car in Spa last year and I was impressed by the very clean build and quality.Beautiful car!


ricola March 1st 2014 16:08

Cheers guys, just fixing a bit of road rash ready for exhibiting at the volksworld show at the end of the month.. It gets used all year round, even in the snow!

Flintstones March 2nd 2014 00:58

Car looks fantastic Rich, congrats!

wrenchnride247 March 2nd 2014 01:11

Very nice and well deserved Ricola! :)

Gerrelt March 2nd 2014 05:14

Congratulations Ricola, well deserved!

This is my favorite:

aircool March 2nd 2014 05:17

Congratulations on that feature Ricola it was an excellent piece with of an excellent car! I look forward to seeing it at the show......if I see you I'll come over and say hi (it'll be easy to spot the nervous looking owner hovering round his car, I know as I've been there!lol)

Steve C March 2nd 2014 05:39

Great car, I hope to see it in the flesh one day

Kafer_Mike March 2nd 2014 17:34

The car looks great. Congrats on the well deserved press and recognition.

NO_H2O March 3rd 2014 15:40

Very nice spread.

graham March 4th 2014 02:01

Looks simply brilliant.

Who else is going to the VolksWorld Show maybee a few of us could meet up ??

Humble March 4th 2014 13:29

Grabbed a copy at the store yesterday, congrats!

ricola March 4th 2014 13:41

I'm up for meeting up, will be a long few days otherwise!

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