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cavemankustumz September 25th 2007 18:27

hey guys got an idea
how do you think a german look shop would go over in blairsville georgia doing all glass and cf lay ups on parts and milling alm for suspension parts all mech . or installs give me your feed back i am relocateing from paducah ky to blairsville area and would like to do this nothing else but a hobby but it would have to be profitable to keep it going

NO_H2O September 25th 2007 19:21

I am doing performance upgrades and type 4 installs in McDonough GA. It is growing. I don't know if you are wanting to do this full time or as a sideline. If you are going to do CF work we need to talk. I would go after a wider target group if you want to make a go of it. Not that much German Look only work.

wrenchnride247 September 25th 2007 20:46

Cool! Another VW nut close by! I go through Blairsville to get to Jake's shop several times a year now. (nothin' else like "Aircooled Heaven")

yellow73 September 27th 2007 21:45

MMMMM.....carbon fibre in Georgia.....this could get expensive!!!!!!

cavemankustumz July 17th 2008 18:56

sorry guys my plans didnt go through to move but im still in paducah ky and im working on molds for 1303 and 1302 stuff on the side my job keeps me busy but if your intrested in getting a price for cf or fiber glass parts hit me up on my email
like i said im just building molds right now i have one made for a stock looking f bumper i can do in cf or fg im working on a bumper airdam combo still in first stage i will be making wide bumpers also
im working on a diferent style flared fenders they are different and unuiqe
and i will build a hood mold stock and 911 style
and rear decklids w and wo vents
working on rear aprons std and bubble
and some sort of side vent i like remelles but i want something dif. hey if you have ? mail me
thanks cave

cavemankustumz July 17th 2008 18:58

also i forgot my running boards stock or more m3 style

oasis July 18th 2008 08:30

If I get another 1302 or if I go 1303, I will be contacting you. Out of curiosity, can you do cf-kevlar as well?

cavemankustumz July 19th 2008 11:45

yes i can do cf k hybrid or layer cf and k .the hybrid comes yellow red or blue i can do silver cf which is nothing more than aluminized fiberglass or for a cheaper cf look i can do black fiberglass it has the look of cf but not the strength and its a little less expensive

cavemankustumz March 20th 2011 15:53

my email has changed its im still doing composite parts

NO_H2O March 21st 2011 10:38

I would love to see some of your work. I am in Henry Co.

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