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blitzvw April 16th 2009 11:00

GermanLook Buses?
Hey guys,

Does anyone here own a GermanLook Bay Window Bus?


Does anyone have any pictures of GermanLook Bay Windows?

chug_A_bug April 16th 2009 19:47

and you can youtube it
the thing is Crazy fast... like 520Hp


krukab August 22nd 2013 07:31

Old topic, but why start a new one ?

GermanLook T2;
(fitted with 150pk 2.4L Porsche 911 engine)

GermanLook T3
(It's my own.. '82 T3 combi with 130pk TDi engine and -soon- flipped Passat TDi gearbox, the current DK box only lasted for 600km :o)

70Turbobug August 22nd 2013 10:07

Cool! Do you have any more info or how to on the flipped tdi gearbox?

krukab August 22nd 2013 11:09

I'm still working on it.. have the box (1999 Passat TDi) and the adapter kit from Tim Shettle.. now if i could only find some time !!


T5WOB August 29th 2013 11:56 T5 WOB now 240 bhp

krukab December 12th 2013 16:05

Even the last edition T2's can be cool !!

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