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Steve C May 24th 2016 18:42

Thanks guys.

A few things to finish on it, then we start building a 2442 oxy boxer

Flintstones May 25th 2016 07:58

going the oxy, must feel like deja vu :)

Steve C May 25th 2016 18:15

Almost deju vu, cant wait to build a big nasty NA air cooled

Steve C June 21st 2018 00:27

Quick update

went to a 82 mm DPR so it will be 2332 now

on a trip to the US a few years ago I bought some Street Eliminators, 94 Mahles, 1.4 rockers FK89 cam etc, this will be a Saturday night special motor. We're also fitting a Subaru 5 speed to it.

wer'e also going dry sump

DORIGTT June 26th 2018 23:49

Sooo, DPR does it right?

Steve C August 30th 2019 23:16

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Motor is nearly finished of, we ordered a Subarugear reverse transmission kit to suit a WB or Type 4 motor. I think the flywheel is pretty sexy.


Steve C June 21st 2020 01:17

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My sons bug has been in storage for 12 months, got it out and one of the front brake calipers decided to stick. So were going fit the old Porsche brakes that I had on my 1302 and then my 1303.

He bought some fake 18 inch twists on eBay and had them painted Mazda soul red. We've now gone to 114.5 x 5 pattern and will fitting some cool Japanese wheels to car.


H2OSB June 21st 2020 11:38

Not sure I'd ever do it, but I'd love to bolt a upright converted T4 to a reversed Subaru 5 speed. Bucket list, I guess.

I recall that trip to the States, Steve. I never saw you buying parts(at least at the Classic) but I do recall you talking about it once you got home. That's what I call planning ahead.

Looking good!

Steve C June 22nd 2020 00:17

Hi John

It was good to meet you and other VW people on that trip. I picked up parts from a few suppliers, one was Moore parts I think. I had CB bring the heads to the Classic.

The motor progress has slowed a little as my machinist friend passed away earlier this year, he had done almost all of the machine work on the Oxy Boxer.

I want to dowel the flywheel to the crank and not just rely on the 5 bolts to hold it on.

Wally June 22nd 2020 10:25


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 92217)
Hi John

I want to dowel the flywheel to the crank and not just rely on the 5 bolts to hold it on.

Imo that doesn't do much if at all. Flywheel attachment relies solely on friction of the flat surface. Thats why the high torque of the bolt come in. If you reduce the surface (i.e. puts 5 dowels in there)...
If you break the friction, no dowel is gonna help you.
Anyways, I run without dowels, just the BAS 12.9 bolts and those are loose in the chinese chro-mo flywheel holes, go figure! Holds my junk so far ;-)

YMMV though.

Steve C June 23rd 2020 23:38

Hi Wally

Interesting, the Subaru gears flywheel requires longer that normal bolts that's why I was thinking about doweling the flywheel and crank

Steve C August 31st 2020 04:57

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I've converted my sons bug to 5 x 114.3 or 4.5 inch stud pattern

Been doing some test fitting with a 17 & 18 stager, needs to go lower

Steve C December 19th 2020 19:50

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waiting on some new 114.3x 5 wheels to be painted we fitted up some skidders that I had for my Jap car, they off an old Chrysler 300 I believe

Steve C February 2nd 2021 04:49

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My son had some wheels painted for his bug

17 inch Work XT7 on the front and 18 inch Yokohama AVS Model T6 on the rear

Steve C February 2nd 2021 04:50

and we have put his car on historic registration, very cheap

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