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Bogara_ZO May 17th 2016 04:32

1302 Sunroof Germanlooker (LHD)
Due to some circumstances my GL is for sale. All the details and build proccess can be found here

or here

In a nutshell -

- 1972 1302, LHD
- matching numbers, base car was 100 % original
- complete body off restoration
- factory sunroof installed
- everything single part is new/NOS/refurbed (rubbers, trims etc.)
- color is Kasan rot which is identical with the model year (1972), original color was Marina blue
- custom made widened fenders (front 2cm, rear 5 cm per side)

- KW V1 coilovers,
- fully rebuilt with Topline parts (urethene bushings, 22mm lowered sway bar, billet clamps, anti bump-steer kits, pivot arm bushing, steering column bushing etc.)
- Aluminium strut bar
- Yellow KONI rear shocks
- Porsche 944 m030 (25.5mm) torsion bars
- urethane bushings
- 944 adjustable trailing arms
- 3 piece alu cup-brace

- 5x130 16" Fondmetal Baskets fully refurbed, gold paint-polished lips
- front: 7x16 ET 21.5 & 195/45 Michelin Pilot Sport 3
- rear: 8x16 ET 11 & 205/45 Michelin Pilot Sport 3
- Wolfsburg center caps
- Alloy (944T) wheel nuts (gramm strategy :D)

- front: Tarox 6 pots, wented and slotted rotors on stock spindles, 5x130 studs
- rear: 944 NA, brand new rotors, e-brake cables, swan for e-brake, brake pads and refurbed calipers
- new stock M/C, hard lines
- balance and pedal feel is perfect

- 2056 ccm T4 (71x96)
- Jake Raby full valvetrain kit (springs, retainers, cam, lifter etc)
- 1.7 914 Heads ported and polished (44x38)
- 9.5:1 CR
- Porsche cooling
- Front oilcooler with braided hose, AN fitting etc
- Racimex thermostat
- ~ 140 hp, revs to 7k happily

- Rancho Pro Street (3.875 & 0.89)
- Berg-style mid mount
- Bugtech race shifter

- Lightweight, heated (!) and adjustable (0-10) bucket seats
- 914 rpm, 80mm vdo tach, vdo gauges in chrome ring (oil pressure, oil temp, volt, tank)
- new wiring from scratch
- tartan/black interior

Currently car is 99% ready, but still needs some work (i.e. raising the rear, add a horn, build the breather box system properly, repaint exhaust, raise seats, plug in heat seaters) which is a week or so with skills you have here. Still have a MOT till September!

The only negative point is the paint job. Could have a respray if show quality is in your mind or can use it as is if not a trailer queen. I have spent big $$$ on the paintjob (as well) but must run into material deffect because on some places it still feels soft :(

For a couple of weeks will be advertised just here in case of you want a nice GL for the season or your friend needs one.

Price: FIRM 15.000 EUR as is or 14.000 with no wheels. Located in Hungary, but can help in transportation within Europe at buyers cost.

Contact here or

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