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tom'72 April 3rd 2005 13:14

help me choose the wheels...
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It will either be a set of 17" BBS Le Mans or BBS RX in the same size.

The car will have a 280hp subaru engine, 930 gear box, caron fiber fender hood and decklid+ running boards and also the doors will be carbon fiber ones from Remelle. The rest of the car will be black.

front wheel size would be 8" and 10" in the rear with front fenders 4cm's larger and 7cm's larger in the rear.

tom'72 April 3rd 2005 13:16

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these are the Le Mans and the above picture is the RX

Racelook April 4th 2005 08:26

I find the Lemans better/nicer

zen April 4th 2005 09:44


Originally Posted by Racelook
I find the Lemans better/nicer

ditto :agree:

Bullyboy April 4th 2005 13:43

LeMans too here :)

Sandeep April 4th 2005 15:02

I'm a fan of the 5-spoke ... RX is my vote.

Whatever you choose, they will both look sexy. :agree:


Scotts73SB April 4th 2005 19:10

Nothing beats that RX Look in a deep dish rim like on the Porsche 930 and those Gemballas! Im with Sandeep! :agree:

tom'72 April 5th 2005 07:21

i'm personally leaning towards the RX wheels also + they are a lot cheaper then the hard to find in 17") le mans.
I have a photoshop of my bug painted in black with those RX wheels and the look very good on the black (can't post the pic because it's to big)

Sandeep April 5th 2005 09:50

Check out the general gallery, page 7 of the black Super under construction ... its got deep dish 5 spokes .. :agree:


beetle1303 April 5th 2005 11:02

5 spoke look the part for me... always did and always will... So RX is my vote
plus they look mean with the deep dish... :D


tom'72 April 5th 2005 12:44

that black super on page 7 looks nice but doesn't have really deep dishes. if I get the RX they'll have a way deeper lip in the rear than the one in my picture.(about 2" deeper)

tom'72 July 25th 2005 04:21

Finally found a very nice set of 18" BBS Le Mans Porsche wheels I purchased on ebay last night.
8x18 in the front and 10x18 in the rear

will try to drive to Germany on Wednesday to pick them up.

volkdent July 25th 2005 13:41

Hey Tom,

Those look great! Where are you located anyway?


tom'72 July 25th 2005 15:28

I live in Sint-Truiden (Zuid-Limburg, kort bij Hasselt).
Ga je toevallig nu zondag ook naar de Kevermeeting in Hoesselt?

tom'72 July 25th 2005 15:30

Woops, I replied in Dutch because I thought it was Racelook that replied :)

I live in Belgium, near the border with both Germany and Holland

Racelook July 25th 2005 18:01


Originally Posted by tom'72
I live in Sint-Truiden (Zuid-Limburg, kort bij Hasselt).
Ga je toevallig nu zondag ook naar de Kevermeeting in Hoesselt?

Nee helaas dan heb ik al andere plannen (een groot feestje :laugh: )

Grt Wiebrand

Dasdubber July 25th 2005 23:52

Very nice - can't wait to see them on your beetle! or should I say kever?

tom'72 July 26th 2005 16:57

Just got back from picking up the wheels in Germany, they look super nice and are much lighter then I was expecting

front wheels are 8.5x18 and not 8x18 by the way

tom'72 July 28th 2005 07:27

Now for the next dilemma. I started polishing the wheels but am not sure as to keep the original screws or to change them to golden ones (have seen golden ones look very good on polished wheels but never on the Le Mans wheels actually)

SilverBullet July 28th 2005 09:46

Keep it silver, its matches and compliment the rim. I understand that 3 piece rims when taken apart and fitted back, the screws must be properly tightened if not there will be leaks, correct me if I'm wrong. :) Btw very nice rims you've got.

ricola July 28th 2005 10:03

I've heard the bolts are quite expensive too which adds up to a lot with the number of them in split rims!


tom'72 July 28th 2005 15:13

compared to the price of these rims they're peanuts.
80 screws in total at 1 Euro a piece is 80 Euro +shipping.
the wheels cost over 20 times that amount.

tom'72 July 29th 2005 12:59

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Lips are completely finished :)
started on the center parts of the wheels also but that will be finished after the weekend

volkdent July 29th 2005 17:46


tom'72 July 31st 2005 16:31

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polished the center piece. It looks really good but the picture does not do it justice. I think I'll stick with the stock screws instead of the golden ones.

BigPhattyVW October 29th 2005 22:32

Very Nice!!! I wish I could drive to Germany and pick me up some of those. Infact, driving to Germany to pick up anything for my bug would be fun.

tom'72 March 17th 2006 08:53
Wheels are finally ready to put on the car, completely polished and painted the insides black.

volkdent March 17th 2006 16:48

Wow Tom, looks REALLY good. We need pics of them on the car.


tom'72 March 17th 2006 16:57

thanks, thing is these don't fit on the chassis I'm using now. I have an IRS chassis with Carrera brakes (5x130) that the wheels fit on to. As soon as I've got a new ECU for my suby engine I'll swap engine+body onto that chassis and be able to drive on these beauties at last :)

dirk.Gysbrechts March 20th 2006 16:34

Very Nice!!!!!!!!

Zornig June 23rd 2006 20:25

how about BBS RGR's in 18"

Bogara_ZO June 29th 2006 14:14


Originally Posted by Zornig

Not too bad :D ;)

tom'72 June 30th 2006 07:43

Went for the Le Mans wheels:
those RGR's are nice but I prefer the LM's

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