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andy1303 July 10th 2006 03:08

15" wheel fitment
most of the questions I've searched for deal with 17s so hopefully this hasn't been covered too many times.
I've bought a set of Porsche fitment revolutions for my standard wing '74 1303. Sizes are front: 15x6 et 20 and rear: 15x7 et 34.
At the moment I'm reconditioning the wheels so can't bolt them on, so does anyone think they'll fit? I have coilovers on the front.
What size tyres will be suitable? I'd like to maintain standard tyre diameter if possible.


oasis July 10th 2006 09:34

If you are using TopLine MaXX, Kerscher, or something similar, you can do what TopLine did. Use this link; choose Products; choose MaXX Strut; and read their description.

There is a tire size converter site somewhere to see how close to original overall diameter you would be, but I'm stuck in finding it at the moment.

Edit: Here it is.

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