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evilC August 18th 2009 04:45


Originally Posted by Humble (Post 70944)
I love the pic of you leading the porsche through the carousel, great pics man!

And do you know I thought the Porsche was catching Wally! :lmao:;)

Great pictures Wally and a good write up.


Steve C August 18th 2009 09:30


That explains the smoke. I suppose the speed limit on that straight is there for a reason, it would be really hard on brakes with possible failures at the end of that straight.

Ive only ever driven the "ring" on driving Sims.


Wally August 19th 2009 07:25

Clive, that 993 WAS catching me ;) They were much faster than we were in the bug...

Some more pics I found from that day:

alindeman1989 September 6th 2009 04:55

how much wider your fenders? 4cm? 6cm?

cookvw September 6th 2009 22:05

nice pics wally. keep up the good work man! i dream of getting to drive my "one day" german look car on the ring.... the price would be thru the roof to ship my car over thir, but IMO it would be well worth it!

Wally September 7th 2009 04:46

Thanks Cook!
Yeah, shipping the entire car over would not be funny wrt costs..better catch a ride with one of us 'when your in the neighbourhood' :D

Lindeman: front +3cm, rear +7cm

evilC September 7th 2009 05:41


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 71301)
Thanks Cook!
Lindeman: front +3cm, rear +7cm

Wally, does this mean your track is about the same for both front and rear?

Wally September 7th 2009 07:32


Originally Posted by evilC (Post 71304)
Wally, does this mean your track is about the same for both front and rear?

Doubtfull: the answer above was about fender width; track of the wheels does not necessarily follow the fender width ;)

I have the wide turbo alloy arms on the rear (+7,5cm??) and run 944T-M030 spindles up front plus a 21mm spacer on the front.
I say, my rear track is probably still (much) wider than front.

Wally September 7th 2009 17:32

Went to VW Action last weekend! Absolutely fantastic!

More details to follow, but I ran a 12.05 with a 1.65 60ft :)

chug_A_bug September 7th 2009 19:01

Nice Wally...
Looks like you Hooked up well on the Last pic :)


MX67 September 8th 2009 04:59

12:05? Good!

You should write "how to make Type4 turbo beast in 100 steps".

Base can be OG 2.0 litre engine...sorry for OT

Wally September 8th 2009 06:18

The 130 mph end speed is a fluke, but a cool one :-)

Vid of one of the runs:


Originally Posted by MX67 (Post 71320)
12:05? Good!

You should write "how to make Type4 turbo beast in 100 steps".

Base can be OG 2.0 litre engine...sorry for OT

Yes, the base can indeed be a stock-ish 914 2.0 as that engine had the same hp as the current all-worked-up 2.2ltr... turbo selcetion is therefore critical as well. Further its actually quite simple and no more than a 10-step process (and 5 year EFI-tuning experience :lmao:):
- rebuild heads on an otherwise good but stock 914 2.0 and just use better (type 1) valve springs (double ones or single with Ti retainers, your pick)
- install pauter rockers;
- install dry-sump system;
- install EFI system with large (50-55 lbs) injectors;
- install the largest intercooler you can find;
- make your own exhaust from something existing;
- hang turbo, make drain to sump extension
- make sure your tranny is strong enough;
- hang on and have load of fun!

Didn't even need 10 steps for that :D

judgie September 8th 2009 07:03

was good to meet you over the weekend and glad you got some orsum runs in. great car.
cheers rob

Wally September 8th 2009 07:12

Tnx Rob,
Was great to meet you too!

Pity no more supers were running...;)

my 1303 on the A1303! Amazing shot by Niels :respect:

More pics of the VW-Action trip from Niels on

cookvw September 8th 2009 20:12

dang wally... looks like a killer time! ya im using a lot of what you have done to your car on mine. also look for an update on my car here soon.

also a 12 second pass is AWSOME! congrats!

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