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kuleinc April 17th 2009 23:25

I love your car...

Wally April 18th 2009 03:53

Thanks Oasis, Kulein ;)

Originally Posted by Sandeep (Post 68964)
The engine sounds mean ! How does the drive compare to the old 2.0 with the 915 ? With the bigger displacement, you should have more torque to turn the gears for the G50 (but you knew that already ) :p

First impression is that the cam may be a little large for this combo. I have more duration (163) and 114LC than the turbo webcam 119. Throttle respons with the stock cam was better still, but it does come in much harder when you fully depress the throttle, even at only 7 psi boost I had set it on.
Unfortunately then the clutch slips from the oil leak behind the flywheel, so the engine must come out again. Very frustrating...
The cam is therefore difficult to judge by now, but large LCīs may give less cylinder pressure and I am not sure if that is good yet. Like I noticed on STF, webcam has decreaed the LCīs of the Web 119... maybe they or their customers didnīt like the negatives over the advantages of running large LCīs... Thinking out loud, maybe large LCīs are better for engines that run high CR on turbo engines...
But maybe weīre going too deep here ;)

The CHTīs were very good btw. Nr. 3 showed just a tad over 350F when it was full boost hauling down the straight at the track. Oil didnīt even get over 85 degrees Celcius after half an hour full racing (I didnīt really spare the motor...).

Datalogs from the S60 ? :D How about some track video ?!?! I should really be working on my car instead of spending time on the computer ....

hey, you overasking here! Well, actually somebody (hey white german girl :p) promised to come and tape the track day, but she didnīt show up... :rolleyes:
Datalogs were boring again (IAT 21 degrees Celcius at a 15 degree day..) and I still havnīt been able to save a log while at the track. Since data is gathered continiously and I drove 2 hours back fron the track, previous data is autonmatically deleted. There is a on-off switch to be made, but I still havnīt gotton to that.
Long story short, nothing to show you ...:o You īll have to take my word for it ;)

typ4boy April 18th 2009 04:26


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 68899)
Yeah, almost forget that one.
Also: it will rob a lot of power. Dyno showed otherwise...
Also: the horizontal fan will throw its belt... never happend ;)

Wally, the myth buster.:lmao::lmao:;)

Wally April 18th 2009 07:41

This is what a track day does if your having fun...

(the curved exhaust exit is because of noise restrictions...)

Wally April 20th 2009 17:07

You won't believe this...

I have a slight clutch slipping problem if the turbo came in hard (and it was only 7 psi) on the track last friday.
Pulled the engine (again...) and found a dry bell housing behind the flywheel. :confused:

So I looked at the clutch disk more closely:

Indeed: the springs hit the flywheel and caused some part/not-engaging on one side...
I probably got punished for using a VW disk with a G50 center which also gives the G50 springs (?) (although Kennedy should have known this too I suppose)....who else is crazy enough to try this huh?
Problem probably easily solved by turning down the inner part of the flywheel a bit to clear the height

Clatter April 21st 2009 02:54


Pulled the engine (again...) and found a dry bell housing behind the flywheel
WhooHoo! It's not a leaking cam plug!
(Or anything else that requires a complete engine teardown)

Wally April 21st 2009 10:22

My thoughts exactly!

petevw April 22nd 2009 02:40

:eek: Still can't believe it looked like this:

Good work Wally!

kuleinc April 22nd 2009 21:26

I can, cause mines been replaced from the windshield forward by PO, and both sections right below the "antenna" area are already getting rust wholes again, so I'm RIGHT ABOUT where wally was in that pic, except I haven't gotten mine apart yet...

Guess I should learn to weld and get a welder, seems worth it, I had pondered getting another body...

Wally April 30th 2009 17:38

Finally, the engine and tranny are holding their fluids where they belong. After all was tried, the O-ring seal from the tranny needed to be replaced and one of the rear bellhousing plugs on the engine wasn't sealing...

But its all good now and boy, it is fun to drive again with the boost turned up a bit more :D It was only 7 psi at the track day and now with new oil, heads retorqued, valves adjusted and rings that have very probably seated (engine doesn't smoke at all), I tuned the PWM valve to give about 10-11 psi.
I am sure this engine will run over 6K and still make more power, at least that how it feels like.
It sure is scary though to feel/hear/see the boost come on when you're running a new engine. Today was a bank holiday over here and tomorrow everybody took the day off, so me too.
Got some more test 'n tune to carry out :driving:

Wally May 2nd 2009 13:41

Today I tried to get a bit above 10 psi, but the clutch is saying: "enough is enough, I am not transmitting more torque..." :(
Slipping at anything above 0,8 bar and you can smell it as well.
I will probably need to phone Kennedy on monday...

ricola May 2nd 2009 14:09

Let's face it, that's far from the worst problem you could have! :D

Wally May 2nd 2009 15:01

True, but I really was hoping to have the engine INSIDE the bug a bit longer this time...;)

A friend suggested a dual organic disk and floater plate set-up. Hope KEP makes that for my weird combo.

ferfre007 May 4th 2009 22:08

saludos desde Paraguay!!
se nota que se trabajo de cero!! tiene un hermoso motor tipo4!!! excelente!!

Wally May 5th 2009 06:57


Originally Posted by ferfre007 (Post 69353)
....motor tipo4!!! excelente!!

That part I understand :)


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