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Wally May 23rd 2009 12:38

Allright, results are in and disappointing: same results as with the 2 ltr set-up! :confused:
235 RWHP and 270 FWHP (6K rpm) and the same-ish 255 ft.lbs or 350 Nm torque at a bit over 4K rpm at 14.5 psi:

Driving onto the mobile dyno:
Dynorun itself:

Flywheel hp and torque:

It was a beautifull morning and the engine ran great, but I think it may not have gotten the right amount of fresh air because of a closed deck lid and a mediocre Jamex air filter (not the big K&N one I had before).
Or the turbo is just not making enough air (too small). Next time with the proper K&N and an open deck lid on 14th June, lets see if it makes a difference ;)

Sandeep May 23rd 2009 17:39


Where is the ECU reading reading the MAP from ? Under the throttle butterflies or right at the turbo outlet ? If you are reading right at the turbo outlet, the MAP will be more than under the butterflies on boost because of piping and intercooler losses.

I have the same manifold "box" as you but read my map after the butterfly .. I tried both locations and the map at the turbo was 2psi greater than after the butterfly .... looks like my intercooler/piping loss is 2psi :eek:

Still wondering why the HP and TQ are the same as your 2 litre :(


petevw May 23rd 2009 22:39

Same Dyno used for the other 2L run?

Humble May 24th 2009 01:39

Don't be too down about the numbers until you do a little more digging. Were you datalogging the runs at all? Was there a compression change between the 2 engines? I'd leave the decklid on for dyno runs since it will give a more accurate "street" reading. I'm not sure that you're maxing the turbo yet even with a 2.2, I'd look at the cam, rockers and valves for lost hp.

Looks and sounds great in the video though, it sounds like it wants to keep going when you shut it down.

NO_H2O May 24th 2009 08:11

Looks and sounds great. I'm sure with some tuning you will find some power. I know on our 1.9 turbo project, like Sandeep, we found that taking the MAP/boost control sample downstream of the throttle plate made a big difference in the boost we could make. We hope to get back to tuning that combo more this summer. Datalogging will be key to ringing it out. Keep at it.

Wally May 24th 2009 11:39


Originally Posted by Sandeep (Post 69772)
Where is the ECU reading reading the MAP from ? Under the throttle butterflies or right at the turbo outlet ?

It reads from under the 4 butterflies of the TB's ;)

Ah, well, the 1/4 mile drag today went VERY well. Clutch holded out with the street tires, but with the slicks, it was too much and you could smell it (again).
I managed a 12.589/111 mph with the street tires and a 12.184 (no trap speed recorded) with the drag slicks. I am very happy with that :D
Especially as I was the fastest car of today (40 cars, 30 watercooled) :D
Had lots of fun today. Hopefully the guys made some pics I will link to later.

Wally May 24th 2009 14:07

My new rear window decall especially made for the large number of Civic participants :D

Steve C May 24th 2009 18:27

Hi Wally

Does the dyno have a "shootout mode"? Most dyno events use that so that you can compare apples with apples.

Some dyno queens get the operator to alter barometric pressure reading in shootout mode, a lower barometric pressure put in at higher barometric location will give a false high reading, the dyno makes a correction for higher altitude.

Maybe you can see this on your old dyno sheets and compare?


Wally May 26th 2009 16:40

Thanks for thinking with me Steve!

Here's a vid of the first run still with the street tires (12.5):

Steve C May 26th 2009 18:22

Hi Wally

That run looks quicker than 12.5.

Love your VTEC...THIS sticker, saw one on a WRX the other day, fear no Evo.


blitzvw May 27th 2009 04:51

Undoubtedly the nicest GermanLook car that I have ever seen!

Wally May 28th 2009 17:43


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 69875)
Hi Wally

That run looks quicker than 12.5.

Love your VTEC...THIS sticker, saw one on a WRX the other day, fear no Evo.


Thanks! Here's the same run from another angle:
I had WAY too much fun there :)
Now that I have some things fixed (you learn every time your out running it)...can't wait to get to it again :D

New 6-puck:

NO_H2O May 29th 2009 01:01

Great video. thanks. Keep us updated.

Steve C May 29th 2009 01:21

Hi Wally

Very impressive. You don't have much room to stop at the end of the track, lucky your car is a German look and not a Cal look.


kuleinc May 29th 2009 13:38

omg, I almost fell out of the chair there... LOL My brother is building a cal look, and I'm building a GL, so true...

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