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Wally May 30th 2009 08:08


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 69910)
Hi Wally

Very impressive. You don't have much room to stop at the end of the track, lucky your car is a German look and not a Cal look.


Thanks, yes good brakes get more and more important when you go faster through the traps. At speeds over 110 you notice it very well.
Some of the guys made some more cool pics there:

ferfre007 June 1st 2009 16:51

que emocion al ver estos Käfer!! increible!! unicos, hermosos!!

Phat73VW June 2nd 2009 02:38

Hey Wally who owns the Blue 1303 with Black rims( Porsche wheels maybe?) that was racing the same day? Are they on the GL forums? I would like to se some more pictures of it. I am debating weither or not to go the black rims route. :D

Wally June 2nd 2009 03:13

Not sure if he is, but that's Dean's car with a 2366cc type 4. Very fast as well.
Here is a pic of it, which you'll probably wanted to see as its sideways and you cab see the wheel well here:

Phat73VW June 2nd 2009 12:21

That's the one Wally thanks. That car was looking good on the track! As was yours :D You guy's have some sweet cars!!

kuleinc June 2nd 2009 12:38

I'm going the black rims route with my blue car... If it ever gets painted, and the rims ever find their way under the fenders... :rolleyes:

NO_H2O June 2nd 2009 13:57

Great pix Wally. Looks like a great track day was had by all.

Wally June 3rd 2009 13:50

Today I redid my intake tubing of the turbo inlet.
The turbo inlet itself is a 56mm outside diameter, but I only had 50mm silicon 90 degree tubing at the time I made the 2 ltr turbo engine and did forced that one on there...
I now finally found the time to get a 60mm bend 90 degrees and that fitted much more easy :) 57mm bends can be ordered, but 60mm was on stock and now the more readily available 60mm tubing fitted better.
So I got some drain-pipe 60mm tubing and 45 degree bends and started fabbing up the new intake:

I think the cheap plastic even isolates the high radiant heat from the engine better than stainless or alu intake piping. Its also lighter than the previous 2" stainless pipe and the 20% larger intake diameter has a wopping 44% more intake area!
I dunno if this will make a huge difference (probably not at 14.5 psi), but I do know its better to have the intake tubing at least not smaller than the turbo inlet diameter.

kuleinc June 3rd 2009 14:00

What a HUGE difference...

evilC June 4th 2009 06:34

Hi Wally,
If its standard pvc drainpipe then be aware it will start to soften at relatively low temperatures, generally around 60degC + at which point they will lose their structural integrity. I would guess the engine bay could easily get to those temps on a hot day, standing at idle after a hot run. It is quite common for turbos in the heat of battle to glow red hot so there is bound to be excess heat floating around. I would think that a stainless tube was the best material as stainless does not transfer heat comparitively that well. The luxury material would of course be CF!


Wally June 4th 2009 08:21

Good info and post evilClive! ;)

I agree on the stainless (what I had), but i cannot find 60mm stainless tubing over here unfortunately and really wanted to open up the intake NOW!
Maybe some heat-wrap will keep things at a safe level a bit longer.
Alu is too well conducting imo and I cannot weld it together..hence the hard plastic. Most OEM manufactors also use some sort of plstic for intakes and what more under the hood afaik.


evilC June 4th 2009 09:32

I would have thought that the stainless exhaust fabricators would have 60mm in stock? I was talking to a fabricator in Nottingham about my 500E that has a 65mm pipe in the mid section and there were no supply problems with that size. I have in the past has stainless exhaust pipes delivered mail order - is that an option?


Wally June 7th 2009 15:36

Yes, it woud certainly be an option, but I 'tested' the drain pipe today on a track day and went pretty much all out and it never melted or collapsed or anything. Oil never even got hotter than 90 degrees Celcius!

Engine ran very well and it was a blast. Clip is form driving onto the track with the other participants:

Sorry for the overload of pics of my car...

Steve C June 7th 2009 20:22


I love looking at pictures of you car, keep them coming.


Scotts73SB June 7th 2009 23:08


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 70068)

Sorry for the overload of pics of my car...

Dont be sorry.. awesome pics and loved the car since day 1.. that blue one with the black wheels is sure mean lookin too! Awesome stuff!

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