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Wally August 8th 2009 04:20

There was a very empty highway road last evening, no cross-winds at all and I kept my foot down a bit longer this time: 219,6 km/h or 135.5 mph:

blitzvw August 8th 2009 06:46


Originally Posted by zeroaxe (Post 70683)
Pffffttt!!! You said that the other day too about another car! :D

Nooit man! Dit was nie ek nie!:angry:

ricola August 8th 2009 15:07

How stable did it feel Wally?

Wally August 8th 2009 17:19


Originally Posted by ricola (Post 70886)
How stable did it feel Wally?

Actually it was just fine, even without the much needed extra caster I still need to adress; I even had time to check the speedo :)
No wind, flat road also helps a great deal.

Wally August 15th 2009 16:50

Just back from a 'last-minute' Ring visit. It was a great sunny day, not too busy and we had great fun. Did 4,5 lap today with a passenger!

NO_H2O August 16th 2009 01:02

Now that is a great shot. Sure wish I could run over to the ring take a lap or two.

Wally August 16th 2009 05:57

Well, you could plan a holiday around a Nurburgring visit (like I did) :rolleyes: :D

Gonna bore you with some more shots I found on the web:

Wally August 16th 2009 06:00

Wally August 17th 2009 03:23

Humble August 17th 2009 12:29

I love the pic of you leading the porsche through the carousel, great pics man!

al_kaholik August 17th 2009 13:33

Wally - your car has made me wonder if I should ditch my widened wings and go with some wide and flared...

And the more that I look at it, the more I like the duck tail too.

Is your airdam a CSP one or a home drilled?


chug_A_bug August 17th 2009 14:02

Love the Pics have it set has my computer Screen background :)


Wally August 17th 2009 14:07

Tnx guys :)

Originally Posted by al_kaholik (Post 70945)
Is your airdam a CSP one or a home drilled?


Its an original ('NOS') kamai and I home-drilled it, yes ;)

Steve C August 17th 2009 18:03

Hi Wally

Great photos. What is the smoke haze around the car from?

What sort of speeds do you get down the long straight before start/finish line?


Wally August 18th 2009 02:03


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 70953)
What is the smoke haze around the car from?

Its the right front tire rubbing inside the fender...:o
I already ordered some coil-overs with adjustable lower spring perches.
Funny thing is, I never had that on any track or event I drove before. The Ring surely brings out any imperfections, even small ones. Running with all sorts of luggage in the front trunk and a passenger also helped squeeze down the bump stop beyond normal limits probably.

What sort of speeds do you get down the long straight before start/finish line?

As you may know just about after the last bridge crossing, your supposed to slow down for the gates at the start/finish/exit point and max speed signs are present, but I usually like to keep my foot down till right at the bridge where I cross at about 190 km/h or just under 120 mph. The ' straights' just after Hocheichen and after Aremberg are also very high speed parts. Car stability is essential there as 120 mph on a straight flat highway is soooo different then anywhere on the Ring... and the official straight passed start/finish is never possible to run full by due to the Touristenfahren start/finish halfway that straight. Pity though.

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