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effvee March 11th 2017 19:04


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 90599)
It runs now with proper sound ;-)

Nice, very nice:shocked:. Looks good to:)

Wally December 5th 2017 08:55

In the meantime...

I had it on the dyno :D

Pretty decent result, although I had hoped for even a little better.

Atm, the topside (intake, exhaust) has been removed in order to upgrade the clutch and to make the turbo primary twin-scroll header. Turbo has found its place as well:

So far for now.

ricola December 5th 2017 13:16

Great to see it back on the road Wally :)

effvee December 5th 2017 15:59

Hey Walter, how much boost? What are the graph in good old American horsepower. I see that you have utilized your inside parcel tray, now you got some more room right on. Double disc four puk question why not the 8 puk? Will the engagement be more harsh for the street. Is your build transforming more toward pure track and race? That flywheel/clutch looks like it means business.:D Right on, looks NICE WALTER:)

Wally December 5th 2017 17:47


Originally Posted by effvee (Post 90731)
What are the graph in good old American horsepower.

2000 US horsepower :D :lmao:

effvee December 5th 2017 18:53


Wally December 19th 2017 17:32

IIRC, 4-puck is all Tilton sells these days. The former shape of full disk which had 6 divided parts on the disk, just isn;t available anymore.. The centers are stronger too btw, with 8 instead of 6 bolts iirc, so more little changes have been done to the design at Tilton.
I'll just trust them to know what they are doing ;)

Just reinstalled the Cup brace and for the first time, the scatter shield I had made a while ago already (needed for certain tracks here):

Wally December 24th 2017 15:32

Building the header over the holidays

effvee December 24th 2017 15:45

Very nice Walter.

graham December 27th 2017 02:09

Mythbuster: continuing project thread of my 1303 '75
This car just gets better and better

rioprelude December 28th 2017 01:51

Wally, any other pics of the new transmission mount? It's my next project on my build, after I get caught up around the house.

effvee December 28th 2017 02:08


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 90815)
Building the header over the holidays

Walter, what size are your header tubes.

Wally January 4th 2018 05:41

Francelle: they are 39mm inner diameter and 42mm outer diameter (1,5mm wall stainless 304).
Still on the large side for the engine size and anticipated power levels, but its what I could get the parts for most easily and the same size as the former 2,2 engine had.

I'll try and look up some other pics of the tranny mount and combined scatter shield. Its basically the steel upgrade engine lower mount from Gerd Weiser ( ,others sell it too), where I have flexed off the flat part and substituted it with 10cm wide and 6mm thick plate to serve as a scatter shield. Its protocol here to enter dragraces if you drive under 11.99 iirc...

Wally May 13th 2018 05:10

Intake building this WE:

volkdent May 13th 2018 23:31

Canít wait for the new numbers!


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