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owdlvr June 18th 2020 19:34

Dave's 1989 Audi 90 quattro Rally Car
This car came up in a thread, and rather than derail that thread I figured I'd toss some photos up here. I bought the car in 1998, and stripped it to build as a rally car (while I was still daily driving it!) in 2000. Caged it, and then continued driving it as a daily driver and rallyX / autocross / track day car for the next 4 or 5 years. I can remember going to work events requiring a suit, where I'd drive, find a parking garage to change in, and then go to the event...lest I have "5pt seat belt creases" in my suit.

I lost interest in the car by late 2005, but did a final refresh on the car in 2007. At the end it had a 7A 20v non turbo motor in it, with no redline. We'd run it until the valves would start to float and it would lose power. One of it's best features is it would shoot flames out the back. I once got a phone call from my boss in Whistler while he was behind me. "Dave! I am trying to go carbon neutral! Your car is shooting FLAMES!" whoops. :P Flames Video

My little brother learned to drive on the car, and when he finally got his license I said he could drive it until the transmission went. It always had a bad 3rd gear syncro, but with a new driver on it it was probably going to get worse.

He drove it for an entire school year, straight pipe interior...full roll cage...plastic windows. I'm not sure if he was a hero in the school parking lot, or if girls ran the other way, but he loved it. Near the end of the school year it lost 3rd, and then reverse, and we were draining 8mm chunks of syncro out with the oil. He kept going until it lost 4th, and at that point it was pretty challenging to drive around town. 1st, 2nd, 5th and no reverse. That's when I retired the car, pulled the seats out, and sold it.

You can see some early influences on my Beetle builds though...


jmd June 19th 2020 00:05

What a peach!
That thing looks like it was so much fun both to build and drive!
thank you for sharing.

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