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effvee September 28th 2020 21:21

1303 mod to Bus
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Hello, this is something that I would like to try, for the sake of hopefully installing the 6 cylinder Subie into a 1303/Bus marriage; please see pictures. I believe the 1303 maybe Steve's, I am only referencing the Areo fenders as added to the 1303/Bus Marriage. Does anyone know anyone having done this type of project. I see them pictured in some of the builds coming from Brazil, but no contact info.


LLVWGL September 30th 2020 12:14

Haven't seen it myself, but people have done Porsche 6cyl swaps, so how much bigger/heavier is a Subie? I'd think extensive fabrication around the frame horns, or a cradle like a late bus.

effvee September 30th 2020 13:46


Originally Posted by LLVWGL (Post 92389)
Haven't seen it myself, but people have done Porsche 6cyl swaps, so how much bigger/heavier is a Subie? I'd think extensive fabrication around the frame horns, or a cradle like a late bus.

Hello, my feeling exactly. I have seen the magazine Sand Sport, they say that a Subaru modified can produce 6 to 700 horses. I know that is a lot of power. I like the look, I like the possibility of 450 horses (turbo). I have one hope of contacting the builder that featured that kind of mod on the cover of September 2003 Hot VW. Presently I am getter my funds together for a billet type IV block. If all else fail, I will continue to build a type IV. However on the flip side, I can find a 3.6 Subaru with ease, spend 5000 on it and I think that I will have a good project. From what I seen everyone having did the early 60 conversion. Doing a 1303 to a 76 Bus, I like the thought. As I write this reply, I was writing a search contact for that builder, that featured the September 2003 How VW cover. I believe the bus configuration would take the Subaru, wish me luck:D

Steve C September 30th 2020 18:30

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Have a look on Facebook there are a few Subaru to VW swap pages with useful information about how much longer the 6 cylinder is over the 4. I've moved my trans forward 100 mm and I reckon I could come close to fitting a 6 in the rear of my car and still have it under the covers.

I squared off the side of my engine bay where it tapers down at the bumper mounts

owdlvr September 30th 2020 18:40

The timing belt covers on the 6cyl are the problem. It's a lot bigger at the back than the 4cyl engines, so you need to push it forward roughly 75-100mm to fit (a beetle) without extensive body modifications. I have a six out of the car and on a pallet, but I don't have a 4 out of the car currently to show the difference.

Steve - I'm curious on your modifications to move the trans forward. Are the details in your thread?

effvee September 30th 2020 18:56

Steve, doesn't that effect your CV-joint angle, that's almost 4 inches.

I bought an EZ-33 ,long block only. The timing chain and covers makes for a wide conflict.

If I can get some solid insight on the 1303/bus marriage, that would give me the needed width, if not I'll order the Fusca type IV billet.

Steve C October 1st 2020 09:39


there are details in my build thread how I moved my trans forward.

I used 40hp length torsion bars so that I could move the anchor point out further then I cut centre out of the chassis to allow the trans to move forward and built a harbour bridge around the chassis to regain some strength.

CV angles haven't caused any issues, I'm running race prepped 930 cvs, Iv'e around 40,000 ks on them. I'm using early alloy 944 trailing arms, this allows me use longer axles which help cut down the CV angle.


DORIGTT October 2nd 2020 12:32

As I've looked into the EZ30 and EZ36 conversion, the biggest challenge is HAVING to use the Subaru transmission due to the oil pan height on the EZ series is NOT able to be modified like the EJ's. You cannot shorten it from all I've seen.

Added cashy-cashy.

But I love the sound that engine makes. Apparently, Porsche had a hand in the engineering behind it.


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