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SuperRSi June 20th 2013 17:45

Camber plates for Kerscher struts
I have searched this forum for Camber Plates without luck. I have seen someone out there with them. I am looking for something that hopefully bolts onto my 1979 Super Beetle with Kerscher front struts.

H E L P !


Jadewombat June 20th 2013 20:39

I used el cheapo universal ones on the ebays, had a machine shop transfer the bolt pattern from my '73 plates and a spacer for the strut insert. Took some doing, but it worked pretty well. Spent maybe $150 total?

H2OSB June 20th 2013 21:29

I don't recall where I got this link but they look promising. Those dang Aussies...again. It says for 3-bolt struts, but perhaps you could call them and see if they'll do up a set for the later cars

SuperRSi June 22nd 2013 16:22

Thank You! Email sent, I will post the results...

Note email sent to KMac this day...

SuperRSi July 14th 2013 14:52

No response so far about buying camber plates for the 79 Convert. Seems normal now days...

Steve C July 14th 2013 18:40


I have KMAc ones on my 1303, I cant see any reason why they couldn't be used on later cars.


H2OSB July 15th 2013 00:08

I guess you can't get a more ringing endorsement than someone actually using them on a later car...

SuperRSi July 15th 2013 00:16

Now if KMac would respond to any one of my emails, I too might be able to endorse their product...

Steve C July 15th 2013 05:35


The hole on the strut tower is a different size on later cars. The KMac camber plate only pokes through a small amount so this shouldn't be an issue.

Its unusual that he's not responded, he's a very keen guy. Do you want me to call him, his shop is about 20 minutes from my house.


SuperRSi July 16th 2013 00:53

Please give him a ring for me Steve. I would love to find out what he can do to help me on this one. It will also help me get the car to paint a little faster.


70Turbobug July 16th 2013 05:06

IIRC 944(aftermarket) camberplates will fit also...

flat July 16th 2013 05:22


Originally Posted by 70Turbobug (Post 86831)
IIRC 944(aftermarket) camberplates will fit also...

Not directly..they mount via 4 bolts vs 3 for our supers

Blizzard August 24th 2014 13:51


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