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Veedub May 5th 2009 01:12

The new plan
while the site was down I had decided to sell my 13x5.5's and 14x7's along with my 5zigen wheels.Well now I have my eyes on a set of wheels that I really like.Problem is will they work?
There 15x7 with a +37et. I want to get dropped spindles and run the stock drums, not going with discs.
Will I have any interference in the front suspension of my bug, its a 72 standard.I was thinking of just getting wider fenders up front to go with the rear.The rears are 15x8 with a -27et.I'll deff need wide fenders in the rear.

Veedub January 27th 2010 18:31

Well, we tried them on my bug , removing the vw wheel on it.Just leaning it on the bugs front drum.I didnt like the look, an there was no room with turning.Then we put a 13x5.5" wheel on it an i lived the look.So now im going 13x5.5's up front and 14x7's.M question now is on some sites they give a big pop up warning about brake failure.Should i really worry?I'm thinking of running 165/65 or 155/70/13's up front and a 225/65/14 in rear.I like the more meat in the rear look.I know its not GL though or cal look either :D

volkdent January 27th 2010 21:35

Most likely you wont be running the brakes hard enough to worry about failure.


Veedub January 27th 2010 23:18

What do you mean?That a bad thing?

chug_A_bug January 28th 2010 00:09

if your not tracking or Diving into Corners hard you will be fine with the Stock drums...


Veedub January 28th 2010 17:53

ok cool.

volkdent January 28th 2010 19:31


Originally Posted by chug_A_bug (Post 73804)
if your not tracking or Diving into Corners hard you will be fine with the Stock drums...


What he said:lmao:


Veedub February 3rd 2010 02:52

Well I have been tire searching and came up with 3 options, not sure which to go with.I wont go on highways that need to do 60mph so I dont think I'll have and issue with the gears changing.
Option 1: 175/50/13 in front
205/50/14 in rear

Option 2: 175/60/13 in front
205/60/14 in rear

Option 3: 185/60/13 in front
235/60/14 in rear

Anyone got any opinions on which to go with

evilC February 3rd 2010 05:08

As I see it:

1) Significant lowering - Speedo error 21% (read high), undergeared by 12 1/2%
2) Medium lowering - Speedo error 16%, undergeared 6%
3) Moderate lowering, nose down, rear tyres too wide - Speedo error 14%, standard gearing.

Unless you raise 1st/2nd gear with option 1 that vehicle will be a PIA as it will be effectively have only 3 gears, 1st being a granny low gear. 2nd gear will be a little too high to take off comfortably although reasonably possible. Option 3 provides too wide a tyre on the rear unless you've got in excess of 100bhp. Of the 3, option 2 is the least problematic although like the other two you will need to correct the speedo.


Veedub February 3rd 2010 17:26

Option 1 I didnt realize the 175/50's are 19.5" tall, so those are out and from the sounds, if gearing is that bad then thats a no no. Option 2 or 3 is what Im thinking. For option 2 I did find a 215 and a 225/60 in a 14". I like the nose down look, but Im still deciding, once my tax return comes then I'll buy the option that i get.

Veedub February 12th 2010 01:49

OK as I was researching for tires an was about to purchase I noticed I was not going to like the look at all, In order for me to even like it, I'd drastically need to lower the car which I dont want to do. Then I was looking at the bug in my backyard, my parts car, it had the 8 spoke wheels. Took one off an learned i have real EMPI 8 spokes.Also that the parts bug has front an rear sway bars. So that got me thinking of a different route.
The EMPI 8's will be painted gloss black with 3 spoke knock offs with chrome lug nuts, 195/50/15's front an back.I already have a set on hand.
I donno what the look is called that I'm going with is considered but Ive been toold its the Auto cross look.More info will come once I start back on my project.I ordered a new clutch kit, front an rear shocks, dropped spindles and hopefully if everything goes as planned it will be on road March or April

Also anyone know who carries the repros of the Kamei spoiler? I've seen people talk bout them for the Super Beetles but what about the Standards?

oasis February 12th 2010 11:48


Originally Posted by Veedub (Post 74194)
Also anyone know who carries the repros of the Kamei spoiler? I've seen people talk bout them for the Super Beetles but what about the Standards?

This is getting a little off of "Wheels" but Kamei spoilers definitely were made for 1971-73 Supers as I had one on mine. That means they will also fit 1968-73 standard Beetle bumpers because they had the same bumpers. I thought (but not positive) there was a Kamei bumper that were made for the larger bumpers of the later years. I do know someone had come up with a simple but smart mod to make the spoiler I had work on a later model. I don't remember which site had it (maybe here), but I did print it out for my files. I can try to find it at home.

As for reproductions, I would imagine the essential aspects would have been duplicated from the original Kamei spoiler.

chug_A_bug February 12th 2010 18:50

try these guys for the Spoiler...ßfänger / Spoiler / Motor - Kofferhauben

Veedub February 14th 2010 00:40

Thanks for the info on the spoiler, and shipping from that place would be killer to be sent to Florida.
I forgot I was in the wheel section, sorry :lmao:

Veedub March 12th 2010 00:22

My knock offs for my wheels came in. :D
The plan for the wheels is solid gloss black, no pinstripe on the lip, with chrome lug nuts and chrome knock off, with my own emblem, not sure what I'm going to create but was thinking of my own VW emblem.
Id make a GL emblem but I dont think my look is GL at all, or Cal look, at that.
The tires are Hankook Ventus HRII's in a 195/50/15 front and rear. Painting the lettering on the tires white also.

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