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K9Dober August 7th 2011 17:08

How wide fenders?
I'm currently thinking of buying a set of rims:

Rear 18" x 8.5" ET21
Front 18" x 7.5" ET26

Anyone with knowledge of how wide the fenders are to be? It's for my '75 1303.

Thanks in advance!:)

ricola August 8th 2011 11:51

What brakes/suspension?

powerbug August 8th 2011 17:17

Based on standard wheel measurements this calculator can help you find out what fenders you will need as well as inner clearance to your struts.

Hebster52 June 1st 2016 03:40

I have a similar question regarding a -74 1303S. Not yet got the parts together but the setup will be stock brakes pared with 7x15 ET25 wheels. Will they stick out of stock fenders or maybe tuck inside?

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