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effvee September 4th 2016 21:26

Rear apron
Hello, I am trying to make the rear apron so you can remove it, when you need to. it's on a 66 beetle, any suggestions?

Nothing seems to want to line up:angry:

wrenchnride247 September 5th 2016 21:38

Mines a 70 but placement of fasteners might help. I chose to hide mine. My apron didn't have that much of a gap though. To get to them I drilled holes thru fender lip. I will have to loosen the lower fender bolts to remove it, but how often should you have to pull the motor? That gap will have to be filled with a strip of metal unfortunately.

Thread here:

effvee September 5th 2016 22:33

Hi, thanks for the reply. Another question, my friend car is a 66. His rear body is a clip we replaced due do body damage. The person that sold the rear clip said it was from a 66. We were careful not to remove the wrong parts, or to much; so we feel why such a fitment nightmare. What year is your VW?

Again thanks for replying.

wrenchnride247 September 6th 2016 21:40

1970 all original before I got it ;)

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