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H2OSB June 16th 2017 18:49

944 to 1303
Ok, so I've given up on trying to install 944 brakes onto the front of the car. I'm going back to 1303 spindles thus I have a few parts for sale.

Late Suspension control arms WITH Kerscher ball joints installed. I'm asking $200 for these. The ball joints were $54 each, then it cost $50 to have them shipped from Germany...not to mention the parts being held up in Customs in NY for two and half months. Add to that they're already pressed in. $200 seems pretty fair to me.

Normally aspirated 944 spindles with a Topline "flip it" kit installed. $100

Normally aspirated 944 front hubs for above listed spindles, with new bearings. $50

All prices DO NOT INCLUDE shipping. If you buy all of the parts together, I'll go $325 for everything and combine shipping. I will not negotiate the prices otherwise. If I get a message with a lower offer, I'll ignore it. If paying with PayPal, please add 4% to cover PayPal fees (and let me know via email...I will provide PayPal address). The parts are currently on my car, but can removed immediately (they are installed on a non-opp car). I will provide pictures to anyone serious about the parts.


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