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vdubzack December 10th 2014 20:41

Help! Machine work needed.
Seems like vdubengineering has closed. But I Need my 944 NA hubs machined along with swans necks. Cable extenders, and caliper adaptors for CB drum drop spindles. Who can help?

wrenchnride247 December 10th 2014 23:03

Lanner was going to get set up at his new place. I guess he still isn't ready.

I used Russell at Oldspeed. Really great service. Lanner did my Bug stuff a while ago, but was moving to Alberta when I needed my SC brakes done last year. Couldn't wait any longer.

681tonburb February 23rd 2015 00:52

Did you have any luck finding any one to do the work I have all the parts but no one to do the conversation now. I have a feeling I'm going to lose out on the money I spent on the Porsche stuff.I would even be happy with the diagrams to try and get it done locally if some one has somthing.

wrenchnride247 February 23rd 2015 22:39

Russell at Oldspeed seems to be the one to do it now.

681tonburb February 24th 2015 16:44

Ya I e-mailed him and he said they don't do them anymore that they went to the will wood kits.

wrenchnride247 February 24th 2015 23:13

Ok, was a shot. He did 944 hybrids for me 944 spindle to early ('62) bus linkpin. So, my hubs didn't need modified and, was even able to use 944 dust shields. I've seen some one off stuff he has done on his facebook page, and thought he might be a source. The wilwood's are very light and nice, but I wanted to keep with the GL theme and use as much Porsche items as possible. I hope you can find someone to help out.

681tonburb February 25th 2015 17:55

I may just have to use the Porsche 944 lower co troll arms and spindals and just make my own front suspension from it and not use the vw beam at all.

owdlvr March 1st 2015 03:58

I may have a source for you in Vancouver. Recently I sent a contact over to AMT Machine Shop in Vancouver (owned by a friend's brother) for some custom brake work. I'll have to lookup exactly what he had done, but the original request was for help machining bits that Lanner used to provide. If Vancouver BC is an option for you, let me know and I'll figure out a) what was done and b) if he can do the work you need done.


681tonburb March 11th 2015 21:33

That would be great let me know what you find out.

681tonburb April 3rd 2015 21:21

Dave ,
Were you able to find put anything .thanks

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