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NO_H2O November 10th 2009 21:50

Getting closer
I was able to modify a Scat linkage kit and fab a bracket to mount the center bellcrank to. It looks like it should function better than the other dog legged center pull linkage I have and look cleaner than the hex bar set I have.

I also relocated my center console and fitted the new Bug Tech shifter.

I got the engine up on the test stand but when I went to mount the exhaust, it hits the stand frame. I will have to pull the engine back off and re-engineer the test stand frame. That will have to wait as I am back to work tomorrow and then off to Mexico again for a relaxing week in the lap of luxury before Herbie X comes back to us for some upgrades.

wrenchnride247 November 11th 2009 22:01

Nice mounting bracket for the linkage! Shifter looks schweet! Enjoy the pool side. (again)

NO_H2O November 11th 2009 22:53


Panelfantastic November 12th 2009 22:09

How in the hell could anything on X be upgraded?!? :lmao:


NO_H2O November 13th 2009 00:50

I think brakes, shifter and HP but I have not seen the final list yet.

NO_H2O November 22nd 2009 10:02

We are back from our trip and it was fantastic. I will modify my test stand today and get the engine back on it tomorrow.

wrenchnride247 November 22nd 2009 22:57

Welcome back! Now get back to work. :lmao::lmao::lmao:

Air-Tech November 24th 2009 08:20

Linkage looks neat, but how have you got it working? To me it looks like the rods are fastened via one fixing on the center pull, does that mean you have one butterfly pushing and the other pulling? (maybe I need a new pair of glasses)

NO_H2O November 24th 2009 09:24

Yes one pushes and one pulls.

NO_H2O November 25th 2009 15:59

Well I fired it up today and went thru the first 30 minute nail chewing break-in run. the right side carb needs some work but I was not going to stop the break-in for it. I just shut it down and it is cooling off. I will have a look at the lifters after it is good and cooled down. Might bolt on another good set of 45 dells I have before running it again.
It was one of the longest 30 minutes I have been thru.

petevw November 25th 2009 18:37


This gives me a reminder to get back on mine!


wrenchnride247 November 25th 2009 22:25

Cool deal! I can't wait to hear this new beast!

yetibone November 26th 2009 14:58

Good to hear you're back working on SmackBlack again. For a while there, I thought you'd never be able to get everything together for the 2.4.

How does it sound with that exhaust?

NO_H2O November 26th 2009 21:34

The exhaust sound nice. Nice and pissed off.

yellow73 November 30th 2009 23:43

Awesome ..... can't wait to see and hear to get my rings done and try not to get too far left behind you!!!!!

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