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fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:41

'56 rag with a twist
After lurking here for a while, time to post some pica's of my project.
I am not sure what it is exactly, is it german, resto, callook or race? you tell me:confused:

It all started in December 2007, after I sold my T2a single cab with 190Bhp G60 engine I bought this Oval. The plan was to use it as a daily and give it some TLC in de weekends.
This is how I bought it, original.
Planted a new gearbox and 2ltr type4 engine.
Narrowed, adjustable beem with dropped spindels.
And this is how I drove it (first time out was EBI II)

To make a long story short, it's a total resto now. The plan is to have the resto-cal ish look on the outside, with an inside, chassis and suspension that is ready for some strip and circuit aktion.

Let's start with the wheels;
I have two sets, fuch's and MAG industries, both with Porsche bolt patern.
One set for street use and one set for circuit/strip abuse.


fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:44

The front suspension;

Porsche 914/911 with 944 hubs and disks.

Test fit.

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:45

Rear Suspension;
18cm narrowed to have the same width as an original oval.
IRS with 944 arms and brakes.

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:46

Gearbox; 914 dogleg, raised with homemade mounting points.

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:47

The "kill switch" I named it the "O ****" knob.

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:48

Now I am working on the body.
Most of the rust on the right side is gone.
The complete doorpillar is gone.
And replaced.

And today I was working on the 1/4 panel.

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:50

Almost ready, after using some lead filler it looks like new again 8)

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:55

For an oval they even don't sell the bad fitting repro sheet metal. The only thing I could do is restore the old metal.
Together with some Tikimadness leftovers :thumbsup: (drag race oval) I will try to fix it again.

With these 2 holes the body is mounted to the torsion tube. My torsion tube is about 9cm narrowed (each side) so these holes needs to be moved.

Here's the difference;

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:58

The original form was long gone, so I had downloaded some pictures and started moddeling metal.
It's a corner you can't see when the car is ready, but I like it to look original.

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 15:59

Finally finished the left corner. When the body is back on the channels I will cut the corners at the wright lenght.

Nice fit, only have to grind the welds down and use some lead to smooth things.

On to the right site.

fahrvergnugen October 1st 2010 16:53

Found some pics of the custom rear suspension;


Xellex October 1st 2010 20:07

daaamn! nice project! I always said the Netherland and especially has the most GL projects going on. Too bad of the language barrier, so thanks for posting here, in english! I often read through the Keversite forums with the help of google translate :P

volkdent October 1st 2010 20:17

Oh man, you are up to your eyeballs with that project!!! Great work, can't wait to follow the progress.

You and Ricola need to get together and have a beer discussing how many Km of welding wire you used on your projects!!!


Fast65 October 2nd 2010 04:24

looks great loving the front suspension :)

cheers andy

ricola October 2nd 2010 04:37

Good to see you have made progress since I last looked at your main thread! One thing I'm not sure about is the inner bit of your spherical bearing mount. It looks like you have a rigid outer (hole in steel plate) and a urethane surrounded inner mount, this will lead to movement and potential fatigue in the bolt. I think if you just made the inner part rigid it would be good (much better than a lot of other kits that use loose outer plates...

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