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NO_H2O February 28th 2011 08:54

Silver Dollar Show
Anyone going to the Silver Dollar show on Mar. 12-13? I plan to go on the 13th maybe the 12th also.

wrenchnride247 February 28th 2011 20:55

I'm trying to make the 13th for the drags.

NO_H2O March 12th 2011 20:55

I will be meeting up with Bert at Eagles Landing exit at 0800 tomorrow. Danny will meet up with us at the race track.

petevw March 14th 2011 00:37


Take some pics.

NO_H2O March 14th 2011 11:07

I still have to download the few pix I took but here is a link to some pix.

NO_H2O March 14th 2011 13:15

Pete has been building a cool GL splitty bus.
johnnyvee has been hard at work on his GL 1303.
I like the blacked out touches he has done since I last saw his car.

wrenchnride247 March 14th 2011 20:29

Here's a few more of Pete's splitty

wrenchnride247 March 14th 2011 20:30

Hey Dave you forgot the "Best of show" ride! ;)

petevw March 14th 2011 20:44

Nice showing guys! Thanks for posting pics.

wrenchnride247 March 14th 2011 21:15

Forgot the "front shot" of the splitty :o

wrenchnride247 March 14th 2011 21:17

Future 1303 GL? Wasn't in the show never see anyone in it to ask about it.

wrenchnride247 March 14th 2011 21:22

Ken Fisher from Tampa FL came up for some fun. He did a "test run" of 4.05 seconds in the 1/8th mile :D But the second run cost him a drive shaft at the launch!

Hmmm... There's a Pauter "Big Block" under the plumbing and hair dryer somewhere!

NO_H2O March 15th 2011 03:41


Originally Posted by wrenchnride247 (Post 80019)
Hey Dave you forgot the "Best of show" ride! ;)

I didn't take a pic of my car. But thanks for posting it.

oasis March 15th 2011 09:25

Can't see the pics at work ... but ... Congrats!!! :cup1:

oasis March 16th 2011 03:23

Got to see the pics at home. Great stuff to see. Damn that makes me eager to find something.

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