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NO_H2O May 28th 2011 08:45

Y U BUGGIN Next weekend
June 3/4
Who is going to go to this one?
So far I think Laz, Zen and myself. Nigel is out of country at the moment. I will shoot Bert a text to see if he is going.

NO_H2O June 6th 2011 21:45

Had a great time this weekend. Laz, Zen and myself were representing the Germanlook style.
Laz won the big hardware at the Friday Night Show-n-Shine with Presidents choice and 1st in the 73 and later class. I won the 72 and earlier class.
Laz's daughter haulin' the hardware

wrenchnride247 June 7th 2011 20:35

Cool deal. Everyone asked alot of questions about the GL rides. My friend from work enjoyed the show, and keeps showing me 1303's for sale... :lmao:

NO_H2O June 13th 2011 23:04

A nice line up of GL's

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