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owdlvr July 11th 2013 22:43

Speedhunters Feature Car
Just a teaser pic for now, but this car was just shot on their Gatebil trip for a future feature.

"You will find some of the rarest parts in the VAG world on this bug."

...I'm curious.


p.s. Wallpaper Sized:

Wally July 12th 2013 03:17

Sweet! Probably a scandinavian car?

al_kaholik July 12th 2013 03:57

Rare parts?... I'm interested. Do we know any more stats/specs?

70Turbobug July 12th 2013 04:41

Knowing the scandanavians,hes probably got some insane power under the decklid...

owdlvr July 12th 2013 13:07

No word on Stats or Specs, yet. It's definitely Scandinavian, and Speedhunters will put it out as a feature car in the coming months. I'll definitely update the thread when they do.


boblebaard July 17th 2013 03:06

Hi guys, it`s my car. :)

Thread about this car wil be updated with pictures soon.

Haven`t had the time since I am working at the Gatebil events, and had a great weekend with Speedhunters and the overseas guests. Amazed to have Vaughn Gittin Jr, Ryan Tuerck andt the other Formula Drift guys and several other guests from the world at our event.

SportyBug July 24th 2013 23:22

Very nice. Let us know when your car appears on Speedhunters so we don't miss it

boblebaard July 29th 2013 05:17


Originally Posted by SportyBug (Post 86873)
Very nice. Let us know when your car appears on Speedhunters so we don't miss it

Sure, will do. I guess it will be featured within the next couple of months. They shot 9 feature cars the same day as mine, and about the same amount the following days as well.

boblebaard August 1st 2013 06:47

Here`s another build from Sweden. Not what I would do, but still a funny car.

owdlvr April 1st 2014 12:38

Finally, it's up!

...and since we're all so slow updating our build threads, something to read!

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