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owdlvr June 4th 2014 02:41

Paging Wally. Wally, pickup the white courtesy phone?
Randomly surfing the internet this evening I found this photo:

[img]] Which is in this long lost thread that you started in 2007. Now, I can't read Dutch and google translate apparently can't either (or at least, it's so bad I can't figure it out). From what I can glean, you had your 412 at Remmele for some work...and then someone posted this random Remmele pedal cluster/floor pan.

Any chance you might know what car that floor pan is from, and/or a link to more photos? Curious pan modifications, and I'd love to get more looks at it.

...long shot, but worth a try!


Simon June 9th 2014 06:51

That picture was taken by Walter as well, see the full album of all the pics he made when he was @ Remmele

So it's a car that was being worked on @ Remmele at the moment in time, don't know if it's Remmele's own car or a customers but if you really want to know more I'd suggest calling Remmele.

Wally June 12th 2014 05:22


Originally Posted by owdlvr (Post 88363)
Randomly surfing the internet ...

Yeah, right! :lmao:

My friend here above is correct. It was a customers car and I hope that its done by now ;)

BTW I had no work done by Remmele when I was there, but I was on vacation in the area with the family that year and visited Eddy's place. I drove my 412 daily at that time and still miss that car (sold it). Good times...

owdlvr June 12th 2014 12:03

The link to the other photos showed me what I wanted to see, so that worked out well.

I told myself no car projects for this upcoming winter...but a floorpan isn't technically a car, is it?


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