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70Turbobug May 6th 2015 12:06

New Remmele TYPE 1 billet heads

Remmele has developed billet heads for the type 1 which will be available very shortly. Here´s a peak at what they will look like and some specs. Eventhough they look huge,they are not much heavier than stock heads or 044 heads and they will fit in the engine bay without any cutting. All type 1 headers can be used. There will be special cylinder tins available to fit these heads also,of course.The special tin will fit to a standard type 1 fanshroud. The tins will be made from an epoxy. These heads use type 4 intake manifolds to allow for more porting without sacrificing sealing surface or cooling. A standard type 4 valve cover can be used. The rocker arms will remain type 1. So Scat,Pauter etc. can be installed. These heads also come in 2 versions. Let me know what you think!

Version 1 specs:
45x38 nimonic valves in type 4 length
Intake port 40mm all the way through
exhaust port funnels from 35mm to 38mm

Version 2 specs:
45x40 nimonic valves type 4 length
Intake port 40mm all the way through
exhaust port funnels from 35mm to 38mm

The pics here are the prototype,however the the only change will be placing the combustion chamber 3mm deeper. As a comparison a 044 head ported etc. also in the pic.These heads are developed for sustained performance, large cc high compression engines capable of circle track racing and Autobahn. Always wanted a high flowing head for the street without cooling and leaking (blow off) issues? That´s what these were designed for price ready to bolt on (less manifolds) 2490.00 Euros.

- Mark.

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