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Sandeep January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about Sandeeps ride
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Supa Ninja October 22nd 2002 13:46

What color yellow is your '74? I'm looking to go back to yella with my '72 1302 but I'm thinking its gunna be a Porsche shade.

vujade October 22nd 2002 15:27

Porsche has a nice yellow call Blood Yellow from the 70's I believe

Sandeep October 22nd 2002 15:27

Color is '74 Corvette Yellow...I think its GM paint code # 32 or 35 ?

It was painted 13 years ago.....


Sandeep November 3rd 2003 12:12

Winter 2003 projects !
Well here I go .. transforming the car into a true GL over this winter.

The insurance comes off the car in a couple of weeks and into storage it goes.

The plan is:

1. 2" wide BP front fenders, 66 and earlier style .. ordered
2. 2" wide BP rear fenders, 66 and earlier style .. ordered
3. Bosch H4's with 911 lenses .. picked up from Alex (Thanks)
4. 62-67 taillight assemblies .. ordered
5. 'Europa' front bumper with indicator lights, painted yellow .. got
6. '73 style front bumper to use on the rear .. picked up from Rob (Thanks)
7. 930/944 rear brake setup .. sitting in basement
8. Dropped spindle/993 TT front brake setup .. sitting in basement
9. 18x10's with 265/35 .. sitting in basement
10. 18x8.5's with 235/35 .. sitting in basement
11. Kafer Cup brace .. sitting in basement

This weekend I started installing the cup brace. On a '74, you have to cut notches in the body by the rear shock tower to get this peice to fit. No problem with a dremel.

Just have to weld it up now. Next step is taking off the stock fenders and installing the wide ones and then welding on brackets to the body to fit the new bumpers.

The brake assemblies are ready to bolt on, just need to machine some adapters for the Big Reds.


Rob November 3rd 2003 14:39

Hey Sandeep,

Big plans !

So does this mean that the "Solo2 setup with 16's" plan is shelved ?


Sandeep November 3rd 2003 18:15

Yep !

I just want to get the beast on the road :D I'm tired of thinking 'what if ..' and sourcing the parts out again. If I want to be competetive, there is always 2005 !


Sandeep November 11th 2003 18:39

Some progress
Thought I would share some pics to show whats going on. Alex's project is coming along nicely so heres some pics of mine.

Wheels are on, just waiting for the fenders now.

Cutting it close !

Next up, get the fenders and bumpers painted, then weld up the Cup Brace, and machine the adapters for the front calipers.

More to come ...


Sandeep November 12th 2003 22:55

Calculations pay off !
Well imagine that ... all those sleepless nights wondering if the fenders would fit the wheels, measuring and calculating, and trying to find some 2" wide fenders so the wheels wouldn't look 'Lost' under too wide a fender ....

:D :D :D

The suspension still needs to settle .. It will drop another 1/1/2" when I drive it around.

Now on to the fronts !


DORIGTT November 13th 2003 08:21

Hey Sandeep,

Do you have any pics of your exhaust/turbo setup? I noticed in a couple pics that you had a hairdryer out back:D

"Show me the tubing!"

Have you run the engine yet? I notice no muffler and would like to know what kind of heat shielding you've given it as well as how loud and what kind of sound does it make? Is it a cop-calling stereo?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I hate you Beetle owners:mad: you guys can easily widen the fenders to house those big 'ole Porsche wheels:eek:

Ghias suck (almost;) )

detailbarn November 13th 2003 08:21

lookin good now! what offset are you running on those wheels, and did you have to use spacers to make them fit? Thanks for the help. So are you keeping the car yellow now that you have the new fenders?

Sandeep November 13th 2003 09:49

I don't have a turbo on there YET ! :D

Pics of my exhaust setup here ...

sounds awesome, quiet at idle, but a little loud when you step on it... not sure if the sound is coming from the IDF's or the 911 fan though :D I LOVE IT !

I'll be working on a turbo setup this winter though ... I think I'll try to mount the turbo by the transaxle somehow .. still working out the details.

I'm keeping the bug yellow for now .. in a couple of years I want to do a full body off job like Alex did.

The wheels are 18x8.5 et 52 and 18x10 et47 Cup 2 replicas by FVD out of Germany with 235/35 and 265/35 Pirellis.

I'm running a custom Porsche 930/944T setup (309x28mm) and 944T front calipers on the rear ... the track increase is just enough to mount the rear wheels with no spacer at all. And all the parts are original Porsche so I can get replacements instead of having to custom machine something.

See my tech article on the 993 biturbo front setup ... no spacers either but the track increase is enought to make it work.

More to come !


zen June 22nd 2004 23:19

just saw your profile update with the new pics. lookin' good in the new digs. congrats. hope you are enjoying it!!! :agree:

Sandeep June 23rd 2004 09:42

Thanks Zen,

I'm really glad its on the road now ... I'm really enjoying driving it ... handles great, brakes are incredible, engine is strong .. I couldn't be happier.

I have some minor items to take care of though ... my ebrake cable rubs the inside of the rear rim slightly ..should be an easy fix. My turn radius is not so good .. I can get around town fine, but have to pick my parking spots carefully. I've got about 3/4" between the front fenders and wheel so I can gain some additional clearance but will figure out how later.


Sandeep June 24th 2004 09:35

Completed pictures
Here's some more pics ...

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