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boblebaard January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about boblebaards ride
Click here for more information on this ride.

boblebaard April 29th 2003 15:59

Hi there!

Just added some photos of my ride!
I will change them during the assmbly process. Please let me know what you think!

--VWikings have more fun!--

boblebaard April 29th 2003 16:04

By the way;

If you want to see more pictures of this car, or my New Beetle just send me an E-mail.


Sandeep April 29th 2003 16:24

Spare tire ?

What size is that spare tire ? Is it a Porsche spare ?



boblebaard April 29th 2003 16:30

Yes, it`s a Porsche magnesium spare tyre from a 993 Turbo.
I don`t remember the size, but I can check it if you want to.

Sandeep April 29th 2003 16:34

Thanks for the reply.

I've got 993 Biturbo front brakes and need a spare tire to cover these.

What is the tire size and wheel width overall ?

I need to fit this in my '74 standards front spare tirewell.



boblebaard April 29th 2003 17:18

I`ll take a look at it tomorrow, and see if I can find a part number as well.
It fits the spare tirewell with no problems, in fact there is enough space around the spare tyre to fit some extra luggage....
I hope to have the car ready in about four weeks from now if the parts I have ordered from Carbon Joe arrives in time.

I can also take some pictures to send you from some scandinavian VW shows if you want to!

Here`s some good Norwegian sites. (To see photos just click on "treff" or "bilder") (Scandinavias biggest VW event in Sweden)

Sandeep April 30th 2003 09:38


Thanks for the links. If you could find me a part #, I'd really appreciate it.

Please send us some pics from the Vw shows in your area ! If you can write a few paragraphs about your shows, send the pics and a small writeup (email is fine) to and I will post it in the Car Shows section on the main page.

Thanks !


Superman April 30th 2003 22:12

Nice car, nice color, and nice parts... I like it!

NYBugman1972 May 3rd 2003 10:01

Gotta love the Polo Super 1600 seats. I do so love the VW Racing logo:cool:

Cool car!

boblebaard May 3rd 2003 14:56

Just visit their site and order loads of cool stuff.

They don`t have the english text ready yet, but you don`t have to understand German to look at the pictures..... :-)
They have some cool screensavers as well!

boblebaard May 9th 2003 05:06

Spare wheel
The spare wheel you can use with 993Turbo brakes has part#
965 362 03 000

It has been delivered with the following models:

928 / 964 / 968 / 993

Hope this could be helpful to find a used spare wheel, because buying a new from your local dealer will be very expensive!

Sandeep May 9th 2003 09:40

Awesome !

Thanks. Now I know what to look for.


boblebaard May 9th 2003 10:15

No problem!

Good to have a friend working for the local Porsche dealer, and me working for the local VW/AUDI dealer....

Did you get the photos from BugRun?


boblebaard May 16th 2003 11:08

New Photos
Hi there!

Just changed photo #2/4
New updates next week!

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