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zen January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about zens ride

kVinyl September 9th 2002 06:29

Hey there,
How did you find the seating position in your choptop before you started the rebuild? I mean, did you have stock seats with your head rubbing off the roof or did you modify the interior some bit?

zen September 10th 2002 22:25

sorry for the delay. we don't get warned when an email is left regarding your car.

anyway, the car was chopped by a previous owner. it had fiero GT seats with custom made brackets. i did a bunch of research before i figured i was never going to have the answers i needed. i ordered a set of momo seats with no brackets and figured i would work mounting and height from there.

as luck would have it, the momo seat fit right on the brackets i had. way cool. the only down side is that these brackets bolt to the pan. if an accident is bad enough, i imagine they could rip right through. i plan to use some metal strips to run under the pan from bolt to bolt to try and strengthen it. and i have 4-point harnesses to hold me in place better.

hope this helps. i can do some measuring if you need it. basically any standard seat height will work. you just have to have brackets that are low enough.

kVinyl September 18th 2002 04:27

Thanks for the info zen, sorry for the delay on my behalf as well!:)
The chop was done on my bug by a previous owner as well, who installed a set of Ford RS2000 buckets. They are mounted directly to the pan with no seat runners in between. They look the part but give a very uncomfortable driving position as you have to crane your neck to see out of the windshield (or use a couple of cusions!).

zen July 15th 2003 22:45

sandeep just uploaded a short video of my engine on jake's dyno. have to say it gets kind of hot and loud in the room with the engine. and i thought the control room could get bad enough. :silly:

apparently the sony steadycam tends to freakout at that kind of vibration. it is not real obvious on the small video, but the video started distorting and shaking as well as the audio (you can hear that).

in this config it pulled 185HP. i was only good for the one pass in there though.

more to come. i shot a bunch of jake working the dyno i have yet to dump and edit.

vujade July 15th 2003 23:36

I cant wait to see it :D

SilverBullet September 2nd 2003 10:26

WoW! Zen, I just saw your car in the members forum and WOW:wowwow:. Love the colour, dash, rims...infact the entire car. Hope to see it when its all completed. Cheers, SilverBullet.:)

zen September 4th 2003 09:01

thanks bullet. i have been working on it feverishly since it came back from paint. knocking out wiring today. still have a lot to do though.

zen December 13th 2003 23:11

a couple of new pics posted. check out more details here...

Go here and click on "Zen" and then look at the "Pics" in the body section for some project info.

hybrid_john December 14th 2003 02:39

NICE job zen, I like what you did with the tail lights, very unique! I also like the door pulls you installed, can't wait to see the end results on that one... AND I deffinately can't wait to see the Carbon Joe decklid on!



vujade December 14th 2003 08:47

it looking real good Zen...:D

Diego74 March 5th 2005 23:55

hey was up zen just wondering whats rat motor like to have in your car and how well does it perfome as a daily driven motor and is the a heating solution thats easy to use without having one of those gas heaters or is the gas heater the only route. I was looking at rabys site and I think his motors are killer but the down fall is heating thats all im wondering because the california temp can get get cold.

zen March 7th 2005 08:00

the engine is just awesome. i love driving that car. it is not a daily driver though and i did not build this engine for that. it would need to be a different combo for that. one of his first questions to any customer is "what do you want to do with it?". he builds your combo based on the answer.

there is no heating with mine and i didn't want any. i wanted pure performance. if you add heater boxes, you will impact performance. doesn't mean it isn't worth it though. just depends on your needs. a gas heater is a great workaround as you get the performance and most often better heat.

go for a RAT engine. you won't be sorry.

Scotts73SB March 7th 2005 15:55

Zen your car kicks major Butt!!
Color and wheels perfect combo and that speaker box is way cool...and that ghia you got is great too! The more pics i see of the Silver chop the better it looks! Thanks for all the pics and all thework you do on the site on top of the work you do on the car.. amazing! :agree:

zen March 7th 2005 17:32

thanks for the compliments. my wife has a slightly different take. i came home from a weekend of Dyno Day and drag racing (not what my GL was built for) and said, "I'm just glad to see you finally out of here doing what you spent years building that car for and under its own power there and when are you going to finish the bathroom remodel and laying the hardwood floors?" :D

she has been the greatest through the whole process. after years of putting up with my in bands and touring, she still supports my other vices. never under estimate or under appreciate your mate and family. they are an equal part of making the dream come true.

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