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vujade January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about vujades ride

vujade October 14th 2002 17:24

Blackout Trim
I just got finished blacking out the body molding on my 71.
Next I am going to blackout the window molding.

ShApE October 17th 2002 22:42

how do u do it and is it really hard :help:

vujade October 18th 2002 08:05

Step 1
First I went to the store and bought a few sheets 220 grit sandpaper & a can of Dutch Boy Satin Black Paint.

When I got home, I carefully removed all of the trim molding off of the body. I used a small flathead screwdriver to carefully pry the trim off. You do not want to bend the trim nor do you want to scratch your paint.

Step 3
Once all trim was removed, I sanded each piece using 220 grit sandpaper. Then I cleaned each piece off using a slightly damp rag before the spraying began.

Step 4
Now of all the trim was ready to paint. I picked up each piece individually one at a time and sprayed paint up & down the length of the trim using short bursts of paint (rather then holding the nozzle continuasly to prevent runs) as far as I could without getting it on my fingers. Then I layed the piece down on my work table and sprayed the end that I was holding & any spots I may have missed.

Step 5
After 20 or 30 minutes drying time, I repeated step 4 on all the trim to make sure it got a good second coat.

Step 6
After the the second coat of paint had dryed for at least 30 minutes, I then reattached all trim pieces to the body.

Thats it, nothing to it really. And it looks awesome!

Next project this weekend is blacking out the window trim on both doors... stay tuned :)

ShApE October 18th 2002 20:54

thanx i was wonderin just cus i hate a whole lotta' chrome!!!!!!!!

TitoRay November 30th 2002 21:28

Oh, lordy!! Your car has increased its beauty a million times with new additions! Well done!

vujade December 1st 2002 02:01

well thanks titoray....its quite amazing too me too, what a nice set of rims & a lowering job will do for a dub

TitoRay December 1st 2002 04:51

How many inches did you lower it?

vujade December 1st 2002 11:33

I lowered the front 3".....I have not lowered the rear yet.
I want to lower the rear about 2"

TitoRay December 1st 2002 15:36

Hmmm...I lowered mine 3 inches in the front and it was way too low for my wheels and tires. maybe when I get my 17's in and on, I can take it lower again.

vujade December 1st 2002 16:01


the problem you could be facing with the rubbing may have to do with the wheel offset. Maybe your smoothie offset isnt enough, so your rim may be closer to your fender then mine.

BTW.... a 195/50/15 has a diameter of 23.3 inches
and a 205/40/17 has a diameter of 23.5 inches

We are almost running the same size diameter tires, so I would think that is has something to do with the offset of your rims.

Though without seeing your car in person, it is hard to tell

TitoRay December 4th 2002 04:12

Definitely. The offset of the smoothie wheels just doesn't work. When I get the digi-cam working, I will show before and after pics. The smoothies with 195/50's stick pretty far out...:(
But the new wheels should be here soon...:D

vujade December 4th 2002 14:29


cant wait to see your new rims on your car...:)

typ4boy January 9th 2003 21:46

your ride
jo, love the car , only my opion but the colour should stay the same as it is looks crisp , blue with blackouted trim rearly suites it, do the bumpers and door handles aswell, gives it the stealth look . regards Lee

vujade January 9th 2003 22:04

thanks Lee, I may well just do that!!!

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