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Scotts73SB November 9th 2004 23:34

Questions about Scotts73SBs ride
Click here for more information on this ride.

Scotts73SB September 8th 2006 01:44

Wow right on.. good job!!!!
Oh wait.... this is mine :D

just checking the new signature and avatar....:laugh:

Scotts73SB June 23rd 2020 00:35

Need expertise or suggestions
Hi - Long time member and admirer.. I have finally gotten my door and motor issues 90% fixed.. the problem..I want my car to look More "German Look". It might be me..but it seems like it looks like a VW with porsche wheels on it. I want to do something that makes it look like it belongs on the site. I know the paint is like 22 years old..but I cant fix that unless i win the lotto.

** the turbo tail (whale tail) is not on the car now...old pic..i havent updated the latest one***

Anyone have suggestions what I can do to make it look more ..i guess.. mean and fast and "German?" To me it sorta looks boring..i mean i like the car..or else i wouldnt have had it for so long.
I guess im looking for pointers..or suggestions on what to help the look.
Thanks...and... BE NICE!! (Im hoping i can laugh at me writing that last part)

owdlvr June 23rd 2020 13:19

Welcome back!

I think posting some current photos of your car as it sits might help, but I think you're probably correct that your car has that "Beetle with Porsche wheels" look. Given that you can't afford to paint the car, some of the usual suggestions like removing the trim, aren't going to help you out any. So let me focus on some ideas that you can do at a much cheaper price:

Backdate your bumpers - The bumpers on your car are very 'heavy' looking, especially with both the plastic end caps and the rubber trim strip. I would consider backdating to a '69 bumper, and I'd also consider powder coating them black.
Blackout ALL your chrome, replace your mirror - Hood handle, turn signal tops, doorhandles(?) and side mirror all appear to be chrome still. Black them all out to match your trim and headlight rights. On the mirror, consider putting a more modern mirror on the door, perhaps on both.
Stance - You're riding high, about the same height as I run the rally bug. Lowering the car further is going to help quite a bit with the look. I'm a little shocked at the difference between the Rally Bug and my German look when they are sitting side-by-side. Lowering is going to take some work, and you could run into tire rub issues depending on what you're running. If you post up what you have for suspension modifications, brake setup, the wheel size, offset, and tire size we can chime in and give you some ideas of how bad the rub might be, and how you might avoid it.
Wheel colour - I was surprised at the difference between the silver twists on my lastest project, and how it looks with them in graphite. Darker wheels will help them blend into your ride better for sure.

Scotts73SB June 23rd 2020 15:05

Owl thank you!!
I forgot how long ago that pic was taken.. sorry for not having up to date info..I thought I could just paste the newer pic in there but it has to be I couldnt do that till i linked the new photo on the webpage. If you want to view the interior and engine and other stuff..its on my weblink below. Im not going to clog the thread with those here YET..haha.
As you can see I have blacked out most of the trim.. except the blinker tops.
Mirror is painted black.. a new mirror involved body work and that may come later.
I had the bumpers powdercoated black..since they had some rust on them..Id like to not change them.. they are huge..but being in California.. they have been hit and have hit some pretty solid things and dont have a scratch on them!!
Lowering.. not sure if i can..the muffler is pretty low.. streets are pretty awful around here id hate to bottom out and lose a filter or a strut bottom..but yes I have thought of lowering the rear a notch maybe I will in the future.
Wheels I have definitely thought of changing.. not sure of color.. they have some scratches and paint fade on it wouldnt hurt. Not sure of what color.. satin black or maybe a smoke color?
Appreciate the info!! Always look forward to seeing your builds..always top notch!!
Here is the latest photo taken yesterday.

Scotts73SB July 27th 2020 20:01

Hi again.. Updated from above pic..
Wheels are black used plastidip in case I didnt like it I can powdercoat later..1 part it didnt stick to was the porsche emblems ..but i like it that way!!
Blinker tops are everything chrome is pretty much blacked out.
Thanks for all the help..I like my car now..and feels like its actually GermanLook.
Hope everyone agrees!!

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