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aartjan March 1st 2006 19:45

Questions about Aart-Jan's ride - Autobahn Renner
Click here for more information on this ride.

dirk.Gysbrechts March 2nd 2006 12:32

aart jan
that looks nice...

aartjan April 30th 2006 04:14

This week the body will go to the painter!! :cool:

volkdent April 30th 2006 11:22

She's going to be sweet! Shiny pics next please!


aartjan May 9th 2006 17:55

Some progress:

914 transmission:

super vw May 9th 2006 22:23

Ahhh... the body work stage, looks like fun!!!! I just got done with all my prep a few months ago and finally have time to shoot some base/topcoats this weekend! what color are you going to use?


BTW... your blast cabinet looks like a window into another world or somthing lol!

aartjan May 10th 2006 01:56

Well, I'm not doing the last body work myself, it's done by Kaag Kevers, a Dutch aircooled specialist. They are doing some real good work! :cool: Doing it myself would not give that good result in that short time :p

The color will be Capri Blue (L335):

aartjan May 10th 2006 18:11

Some pictures of the guys of Kaag Kevers working on my car:

bow May 10th 2006 18:15

hey i was wondering about how much was nit to media/sand blast the interrior of your car

aartjan May 10th 2006 18:15

Some progress on the 914 transmission.

Flipping the diff in steps:

Step 1: Remove oil from transmission.

Step 2: Remove nosecone.

Step 3: Remove shifter-fork.

Step 4: Remove intermediate with shafts/gears and shifting rods. The gasket sets clearance between R&P.

aartjan May 10th 2006 18:17

Step 5: Remove output flanges.

Step 6: Remove side-cover.

Step 7: Flip diff.

aartjan May 10th 2006 18:19

All internal parts seems to be in good shape, except the 1st gears dogteeth (will be replaced):



aartjan May 12th 2006 13:38

Today I made a frame to make the IRS conversion easier:

aartjan May 15th 2006 17:36

I had to disasseble the rear-end in order to make the change to IRS:

aartjan May 15th 2006 17:38

The left bracket is ready to be weld in:

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