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Steve C June 24th 2011 05:25

Heated rear window wiring question

I have a heated rear window from my old to go into my new 1303. As we didn't have heated rear windows from factory down here I have no idea what the wiring looked like when it was hooked up.

I don't need an actual wiring diagram if you have a photo or just explain what sort of terminals were used and how the positive and the earth wire are routed.


ricola June 25th 2011 04:07

It's probably the same as on my cab... There's the switched relay signal at the dash, the relay for it lives under the back seat and the voltage feed comes straight off the battery, through the relay and up to one end of the window element, the other end is screwed to the body with a grounded ring terminal..

STIDUB June 25th 2011 08:24

steve, where did you get your heater element glass from? im chasing one for myself :)

Steve C June 26th 2011 02:42


Thanks Rich.

Dave I bought this one and fitted it to my old yellow 1302 in about 1977, its German made. I bought one for my sons 1303 from Boris at Vinatge Vee Dub supplies, I think it was made in Hungary, I thing he still has one left.


STIDUB June 26th 2011 20:21

thanks for the heads up, saves me trying to import from uk, nobody will ship glass insured last i checked

evilC July 4th 2011 07:33

Mines wired up as Rich's but one mod I was pondering was to use a timer relay so that I don't leave it on for long periods. I will no doubt use it this autumn/winter and then I will get a better idea of the demisting speed to see if a timer relay can be set for the job. It ought to be a simple substitution of the original relay under the rear seat.


ricola July 4th 2011 14:47

I had a timed relay in my last kit car, it was out of a peugeot 306 so plentiful at the scrapyard!

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