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maniac February 24th 2012 14:01

Update, Full replacement for the original Dashpanel

maniac May 14th 2012 06:08

Hey Steve,
does you could compare RHD<->LHD panels?

Lbug1975 July 8th 2012 06:26

nice product Maniac, I can appreciate the work you have put into it. If you want I might be able to help do the check to see if they are mirrored for RHD. I bet they are mirrored though.

Perhaps if there are some critical dimensions that you want checked? My Australian (German built) RHD 1303 dash is dismantled partially at the moment. Are you working in CAD? If so, I can work with CAD, and check etc.


70Turbobug July 8th 2012 09:23

Markus, maybe you can make a deal with someone who has RHD dash panels? If someone was willing to send you a set in trade for a cfk set you would have a base for the british market.A complete cfk dash mold might spark some interest aswell?

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